How to Request, Delete, or Update Personal Information

For a full overview of how ArenaNet collects, stores, shares, and processes your information, please review our full Privacy Policy.

Verification Requirements

Before we disclose any personal information, you will be asked to verify ownership of the ArenaNet account and personal information you are requesting. The information we require will vary depending on the data that we have stored. If you cannot (or are unwilling) to respond with the required information to verify your identity, we will not be able to disclose any information related to your request.

How to Update Your Personal Information

If you want to review and update your personal information, you can find several fields saved on your ArenaNet account page. Simply login with your ArenaNet account—the same account you use to play the game—and use the tabs at the top to find, review, and update your account details.

If the information you want to change is not listed or available on the account page, you can contact support with a request to review and change those details.

TIP: Be sure to login to the support site when you submit your ticket.

How to Request your Personal Information

You also have the right to request a report of the personal information we have stored in our system! While you can review what kind of information we collect in our Privacy Policy, we will provide a record of your personally identifiable information upon request.

There are two ways to request this information:

How to Delete Your Personal Information

While you may submit a request to delete any personally identifiable information we have stored in our system, there are two important things to note:

  • We may not be able to delete information that we have a legitimate legal obligation or business reason to retain.
  • Removing the information needed to maintain your account will result in the PERMANENT closure of your account. You will NOT be able to recover, access, or return to your account in the future. If you do not want to lose access to your account, you may want to review the alternative solutions before requesting that the removal of your personal information.

Note that once you verify ownership of your account, you will be required to reaffirm your decision to close the account before we take any action. To begin the process, you can contact us via one two channels:

How Long Will This Request Take?

Please note that any request can take up to 30 days for us to verify, collect and return the requested information.

Other NCSoft Requests

If you have a request about NCSoft products and services outside of ArenaNet, please contact