I Want to Close My ArenaNet Account

IMPORTANT! Please note that closing your account and deleting your account are separate requests with different outcomes. Please ensure that you've considered your options before submitting a ticket.

If you are no longer interested in accessing or playing your game(s), you may contact our customer support team to request that they close or disable your account. This involves three things:

  • Removing your game access.
  • Updating your login credentials to prevent you (or anyone) from accessing the account.
  • Removing your email from our official mailing lists.

Unlike an account termination, this process is not permanent; as long as you can verify ownership of the account, we will help you recover it and continue playing with the characters, items, unlocks, purchases, and progress you've made if/when you decide to return.

Frequent Issues & Solutions

Before you decide to close your account, we recommend reading through these alternative solutions if they are similar to your situation. If none of them apply, consider reaching out to our support team to see if they can help with your particular issue; we're happy to work with you to find an ideal solution.

I don’t want to play the game anymore.

That’s okay! With no subscription fees to tie you down, you have the freedom to play, step away, or even quit Guild Wars 2 without having to make any changes to your ArenaNet account. You can even uninstall the game from your computer; your characters, items, unlocks, and progress are stored safely on our servers, and will be available if you decide to return and play the game again in the future—even if that decision comes several years down the road. We will even reward older accounts and characters with free gifts that will continue to accumulate while you’re away.

If you are worried about receiving authentication emails when you’re not playing, you can contact support for options to disable these emails while you are away.

I don’t want to receive newsletters anymore.

You can remove yourself from a mailing list by clicking the unsubscribe link at the bottom of any official ArenaNet or Guild Wars email you receive. You can also contact our support team if you need help unsubscribing from an official mailing list.

I want to create a second account, but want to use the login email from another account I own.

This is solvable! As long as you can verify your ownership of the original account, we can change the email so you can use it to create a second game account. Simply submit a support ticket so we can work with you to make the change.

Please note that we DO NOT transfer items, currency, characters, or any other progress between accounts.

I’m receiving emails that my account is being accessed. (I don't play anymore!)

It’s possible someone is trying to access your game account or has compromised the email used for the account. If you are not currently playing the game, you can contact our support team, explain the situation, and request an email change. This will not only stop any unwanted emails, but will ensure that your account cannot be accessed by a malicious individual while you are away.

If you decide to play again in the future, all you need to do is contact support to have them change your email back to a valid address you want to use.

I picked the wrong server and want to start over.

As a free account, we’d be happy to transfer you (as a one-time service) to another non-full server if you selected the incorrect server upon creating your account; simply contact support and we’ll get it worked out!

On paid accounts, you can purchase gems to transfer to a different world with all of your characters and progress intact. 

I want to change my Display Name.

This is a service we offer under very specific circumstances, as changing your Display Name can cause technical issues within the game. You will need to contact support with your request and the reason why you'd like to make the change.

More information about changing your Display Name can be found in this article:

Closing Your ArenaNet Account

If you are still interested in closing your account, follow the instructions below to submit a request:

I want to close my ArenaNet account.

You can submit a ticket using the Upgrade Account Information form to begin the process of verifying and closing your account.

TIP: Be sure to login to the support site when you submit your ticket.