I Want to Change My Display Name

Your Display Name is a unique identifier for your Guild Wars 2 account. It is created when first setting up your account by combining your chosen username with a randomly generated four-digit number. The resulting Display Name serves as a master identifier for your account: allowing users to add you to their social lists (friends, guild, block, etc.) and send you in-game mail, and serving as your forum identity when accessing and posting on the official forum.

Unlike your email or password, we only accommodate Display Name change requests under very specific circumstances. Changing your Display Name can have an adverse impact on your account: including your ability to chat, update your friends and social lists, and even play the game. To avoid these issues, we only make changes when a user's personal information or identity is at risk.

Requesting a Display Name Change

Here are two of the most common examples of situations that can lead to a Display Name change:

  • You used your full real life name as your Display Name.
  • You linked your Guild Wars account with your Guild Wars 2 account and now see a long string of numbers and letters as your display name. (i.e. ABC12EFG-3H4I-JK56-7LMO-PQR8ST9UVWXY)

All other scenarios are reviewed and considered on a case-by-case basis. If you want to request a Display Name change, please contact support with the following information:

  • Account Name (your login email address
  • Display Name (including the four-digit number after the name, such as “Gamer.1234”)
  • First and Last Name
  • Date of Birth (must match that listed on the account)
  • Your Guild Wars 2 Serial Code
  • The reason why you want to make the change.

Please note that we CANNOT change the numbers at the end of your Display Name, as these are randomly generated by our system.