Error Code 11

Error Message

"The account name or password you entered is invalid. Please check your information and try again."

What is an Error 11?

The most common reason you’ll receive an Error 11 is when trying to log in to the game with an incorrect account name or password. In some rare circumstances, the error will also appear if the login servers are experiencing network disruptions that impact your connection or ability to enter the game.

How do I fix an Error 11?

There are a few things to check if you're receiving an Error 11:

  • Remember: your password is case-sensitive, meaning that all capital and lowercase letters must match the password on file for the account.
  • Make sure your CAPS LOCK key is not enabled when typing your password.
  • In the Account Name field, make sure you are using the email address tied to your account rather than your display name (i.e. "DisplayName.1234").
  • In the Account Name field, ensure your email address is typed correctly.

If you've confirmed all of the above, here are a few additional steps you can try to access your account:

  • Type out your password in a notepad document, making sure that there are no extra spaces or line breaks. Then select, copy, and paste the password into the Password field on the login screen.
  • Un-check the 'Remember Account Name' box and re-launch the client. In the blank fields, enter your Account Name (your email address) and password.
  • Try resetting your password. For suggestions on how to choose a strong, unique password, check out this article.

If all else fails, contact out support team for assistance, making sure to provide the full error code you're receiving and the information listed here.

Code Variants

As with most error codes, there are a number of variants you may encounter when trying to login or while playing Guild Wars 2. Be sure to include this full code if you end up contacting the support team:

  • 11:1000:7006:679
  • 11:1000:7006:743:101
  • 11:1001:2:1262
  • 11:1001:2:1270
  • 11:1001:8008:186
  • 11:1001:8008:188