Can I get a refund for the Complete Collection (which includes Living World Seasons 2-5)?

Yes, you are eligible for a partial refund if the purchase was made within the last 30 days of your refund request.  Please note that the Guild Wars 2 Complete Collection cannot be refunded in full due to the Living World Seasons content being non-refundable. The Living World Seasons content is approximately 40% of the retail value of the Complete Collection*.

The Path of Fire/Heart of Thorns and End of Dragons Standard Editions included in the Complete Collection have a suggested retail value of $29.99 each. Eligible refund requests for the Complete Collection are eligible to receive a $60.00 refund*. More information pertaining to refund requests and eligibility can be found here.

*Refund amount will change if item was purchased at sale price. Amount will be specific to currency used for purchase. 

Please note: For refund requests concerning purchases made from Steam, please contact Steam support for assistance.