Changed Payment Processors

ArenaNet changed payment processors on November 17, 2021 to a new processor (Braintree, a division of PayPal®). Due to this change, any saved credit card or payment method associated with previous purchases was removed from accounts.

Can I still use my credit/debit card and payment methods I’ve used in the past?

Yes, any payment methods you’ve used in the past are accepted with our new payment processor. However, as no previously saved payment methods were transferred over to the new payment processor, you will need to enter your billing information at next checkout. The option to save your payment method will be presented with your first purchase.

Will I notice any changes with my payments moving forward?

If you have made purchases in the past with ArenaNet (Guild Wars or Guild Wars 2), you may notice a few minor changes. For instance, the information listed on your billing statement will look a little different from previous purchases made before November 17, 2021. Billing statements may include “ARENANET” and “BELLEVUE WA” for purchases made from our site. Aside from that, purchasing items from our site and in-game will be the same experience as before.

I’m receiving an error when attempting my first purchase with this new processor. What does it mean?

Payment error codes and error messages may appear during checkout and help to explain why a purchase attempt is failing. While the error messages presented are provided to help identify the cause of the error, this article will provide some additional details if needed, including when to contact Support for assistance.