I Tried to Authenticate but Didn't Receive a Code.

Sometimes your code may be delayed—either due to problems with your phone service or an error with the authentication system. If this happens, don't try repeatedly re-sending your request for a code immediately; instead, wait at least ten minutes and try again.

If the code doesn't arrive within sixty minutes*, you can either wait longer (we’ve had reports of codes suddenly delivering after an hour or so) or contact our support team for help changing your authentication options. If you end up receiving your code while waiting for a reply, simply let us know so we can close out your ticket!

*Please note that SMS Authentication is no longer available in some countries. If you are attempting to set up SMS Authentication from one of the following countries listed in this article, or if you were able to use SMS Authentication previously from one of the countries listed, you will not receive a code. If interested, please review the other authentication methods available.

Additionally, if you need assistance with removing SMS Authentication from your account, please contact our Support Team.