Steam FAQ


Will there be any restrictions placed on Steam accounts?

Yes, Steam accounts will be subjected to the same restrictions placed on accounts created through the Guild Wars 2 website. For more information, please check this article

How do I get help for my Steam account?

For issues pertaining to game, gem, or other purchases made through the Steam store or Steam wallet, please contact Steam support for assistance.

For assistance with a Guild Wars 2 account, in-game issues, or items purchased from the in-game store using gems, please submit a ticket to the Guild Wars 2 support team.

What do I do if I have a personal information request?

The Guild Wars 2 Support Team is only able to access personal information related to a user's Guild Wars or Guild Wars 2 game account. 

Users playing Guild Wars 2 through Steam who wish to request, delete, or change their personal information will need to contact Steam support separately in regards to information stored on their platform.

Which Operating System are supported?

The Steam version of Guild Wars 2 is only playable on a Windows 64-bit operating system at this time. 32-Bit versions of Windows are not supported, and the Mac version of the game is only available as a standalone download (outside of Steam) from the official Guild Wars 2 website.

For more information on compatibility, please visit our article about the game's Minimum System Requirements.

Can I use my current Guild Wars 2 account to log into the game through Steam?

No, if you have a Guild Wars 2 account which was created through the Guild Wars 2 website, you cannot log into it through Steam and vice versa. You will need to continue playing on your account using the client from the Guild Wars 2 website. To be able to login from Steam, you must create an account via Steam and use the Steam client to log into the game.

Will I be able to play with my friends if they have a Steam account and I don't?

Yes. The game and experience between the two different types of accounts will be exactly the same. Players who have an account registered through the website or through Steam will be able to play together as the game is identical and use the same servers. The only difference is how players login.

Can I transfer my current Guild Wars 2 account to Steam?

No, you cannot transfer a Guild Wars 2 account created through the Guild Wars 2 website to Steam and vice versa.