Policy: Macros and Macro Use

A macro is a script that can be programmed to activate multiple keys simultaneously or in quick succession. While Guild Wars 2 players are permitted to use macros, there are specific circumstances when they are disallowed—specifically in any scenario where the use of macro provides an unnatural advantage over other players.


In general, our policy is as follows:

Attended macro use is permitted as long as it is not exploitative, and as long as it does not provide the user with an unfair advantage over other players. Unattended macro use is prohibited under any circumstances.

Here are few common macros that are allowed in the game:

  • You may bind dodge and jump to a single key.
  • You may create an auto-clicker that opens or consumes a stack of items.
  • You may use music macros to compose or perform in-game music. As long as the macro is used solely for the composition or performance of in-game music and the account is actively attended by a player, we do not place restrictions on its use.

However, here are some of the scenarios that are not permitted in the game:

  • You cannot program a macro to perform actions on more than one account at a time.
  • You cannot use macros to automate skill use while away from your computer.
  • You cannot use macros to create skill chains in any competitive environment, including PvP, WvW, open world activities, races, etc.
  • You cannot use macros to participate in activities or events, such as Bell Choir.
  • You cannot use macros for the sole purpose of farming items, currencies, karma, or other benefits in the game, particularly while away from the keyboard (AFK).
  • You cannot use macros to fully automate a character (“bot”) in the game. Each macro should represent a single action that requires user input before repeating the action.

Conduct Breaches & Outcomes

ArenaNet reserves the right to take appropriate action against any account, and will suspend or terminate an account for "botting" if the use of any macro is determined, at ArenaNet’s discretion, to warrant such an action.

As always, any behavior that violates the Guild Wars 2 User Agreement or the Guild Wars 2 Rules of Conduct may result in disciplinary action as determined by the ArenaNet team.