FAQ: This Item is Not Available for Purchase in your Region

In some regions, certain items may be disabled or unavailable to purchase by users. If this is the case, you may receive the following error when viewing some items in the Gem Store:

This item is not available for purchase in your region.

The most common reason you'll see this message is when an item cannot be sold due to local or regional laws. In most cases, these laws are targeted at items with random elements that can be purchased with real money.

Please note that some items are only offered at specific times during the year. For more information about how and when you can obtain any given item, please visit the official Guild Wars 2 wiki.

Current Restrictions

Here are the territories currently impacted by local or regional gaming laws:

  • Belgium

Frequently Asked Questions

Why did ArenaNet make this change?

The Belgian Gaming Commission declared that paid loot boxes violate Belgium’s gambling regulations. As a result, we have implemented measures that restrict Guild Wars 2 players located in Belgium from purchasing items with real money that are inherently random in nature.

Will this prevent me from using any boxes or keys I already own?

No! You will still be able to open your chests, dye kits, and any other (otherwise restricted) packs that you've already acquired on your account. Additionally, Black Lion Keys and Black Lion Chests will continue to drop in the game.

As long as you are not purchasing the items with real money or from a restricted region, they can still be received, gifted, and/or used to unlock items on your account.

Will I be able to obtain restricted items if they are offered at no cost as part of a special promotion?

As long as you have purchased the full Guild Wars 2Heart of Thorns, or Path of Fire game, you should be able to obtain any items that are offered at no cost as part of a special promotion—regardless of whether they are otherwise unavailable in your region.

Note that this is subject to change based on the laws in your region.