I Want to Delete My ArenaNet Account

IMPORTANT! Please note that deleting your account and closing your account are separate requests with different outcomes. Please ensure that you've considered your options before submitting a ticket.

It is important to understand that deleting your ArenaNet account will result in the permanent removal of said account and all related information.

Deleting your account is irreversible, as it involves removing any personally identifiable information that we use to manage or recover your account if you decide to return at a later time. As such, there are a few things to consider before making the request:

  • Guild Wars 2 doesn’t require a subscription to play. There’s no obligation to play and no downside to stepping away without making changes to your account.
  • Once an account is deleted, there is no way for us to recover your information if you decide to return to the game at a later time. You will lose access to any game(s) you own, as well as any characters, items, unlocks, purchases, and progress you made while playing.
  • You will need to purchase a new game if you decide to return. The world of Tyria is constantly changing; we don’t want you to have to start from square one if you decide to revisit it later on.
  • We don’t want to risk deleting an account if an authorized party (such as a hacker or other malicious individual) submits a request to close your account on your behalf.

With that in mind, consider reaching out to our support team to see if they can help with your situation; we'll work with you to find an ideal solution.

Please note: Users playing Guild Wars 2 through Steam who wish to request, delete, or change their personal information will need to contact Steam support separately in regards to information stored on their platform.

Requesting an Account Termination

If you are still interested in permanently deleting your account and all information associated with it, follow the instructions below to submit a request:

I want to remove personal information tied to my account.

You can learn about how to request, update, or delete the personally identifiable information tied to your account in this article.

You must be able to verify ownership of the account in question before we take any action. Note that removing any personal information used to maintain your account will also result in the permanent closure of your account.

I want to delete my ArenaNet account.

You can submit a ticket using the Privacy Inquiry Request form to begin the process of verifying and deleting your account.

TIP: Be sure to login to the support site when you submit your ticket.


FOR ACCOUNTS LINKED TO STEAM: Follow the instructions listed in this article and provide the information displayed in your request.