Troubleshooting Trading Post & Wizard’s Vault Errors

In some rare circumstances, you may run into errors that prevent you from interacting with the Black Lion Trading Post or Wizard’s Vault in the game. If this is due to a server issue, we will provide updates via our official Guild Wars 2 Twitter account as we learn more about the problem.

Clearing GW2 Cache

If you suspect the issue is limited to your account, we recommend clearing your trading post cache. Follow these steps to clear out any bad data that can cause errors:

  1. Completely close the game.
  2. Hold down the Windows and key to open the Run prompt.
  3. Type %temp% in the box that appears and click OK.
  4. Find any folders named "gw2cache-(code)" and delete them.
    • Example: gw2cache-(50641E0B-3AD4-1601-081E-6450D43A0116)

  5. Re-launch the game.


Exempting Chromium Embedded Framework (CEF) & Gw2-64.exe

When encountering issues with the Trading Post/Wizard’s Vault in Guild Wars 2, it's often due to complications with the Chromium Embedded Framework (CEF), utilized for rendering these features. If you find that the CEF is being blocked on your network, a quick fix involves ensuring that CEF files are permitted through any firewall or security software on your PC.

To resolve this, begin by locating the main Chromium file, 'CefHost.exe,' & “Gw2-64.exe”.

Here are their common locations:

1. 'CefHost.exe - '\Guild Wars 2\bin64\cef

2. Gw2-64.exe – ‘\Guild Wars 2’ or your main Guild Wars 2 folder

Once you've located these files, proceed to add either the entire folder (‘Guild Wars 2’ & ‘cef’) or the specific 'CefHost.exe' & ‘Gw2-64.exe’ executables to the list of ignored or allowed programs within your Windows firewall software, or any other security software installed on your computer.

For instructions on how to allow apps through Windows Firewall, you can refer to this article “Creating a Firewall Exception” for detailed guidance.

If you're using other security software, such as antivirus or standalone firewall programs, it's recommended to consult the support documentation provided by the respective software vendor. Look for articles pertaining to tasks like 'Adding exceptions' or 'Allowing an app' through the firewall, which should provide the necessary steps to resolve the issue.


Resetting Router, Modem, or Switches

Although this may seem like a basic troubleshooting step, it's crucial, as issues often arise from connectivity issues on both interfaces. By following this step, you can potentially resolve the problem.

Simply locate the power button on your Router, Modem, or Switches and turn it off. Remember to wait at least 5 minutes for your device(s) to fully reset before turning them back on.


Troubleshooting Connectivity Issues

Since the both interfaces utilizes web data to display and update its inventory, problems can arise when playing on a weak or variable internet. Take a moment to visit our article on Connectivity to learn more about how to address connection problems when playing Guild Wars 2.


If All Else Fails, Contact Support!

If you’re still having problems after an hour or two of waiting, please submit a ticket so our Support team can assist you further.