Hacked/Compromised Accounts

What do I do if I get an unexpected e-mail about changes to my login information?

If you were notified of an e-mail change request or confirmation, please try logging into the Guild Wars 2 Forums to confirm that your account name has not been changed.

If you do not have a Guild Wars or Guild Wars 2 account, please disregard the e-mail. We also suggest that you secure the e-mail account by changing the password, in addition to the passwords of any other accounts that may be associated with the e-mail that received this message.

If you are concerned that you may have received a phishing attempt, where someone is trying to acquire your personal information through a fraudulent e-mail, we encourage you to review this forum thread for information about phishing and samples of recent phishing attempts. If in doubt, do not click links or provide personal information until you are certain that the e-mail you have received is legitimate.

Reporting a Hacked Account

If you believe that someone has gained access to your account and that the account now is compromised, please submit a request to our support team.  If your Guild Wars 2 Account Name (log-in name) has been changed, provide a secure e-mail address to which we can change your Account Name. This may or may not be the previous Account Name on your account.

You should receive a message confirming that your question has been submitted and someone from our Support team will contact you as soon as possible to help you with your account.