Hacked/Compromised Accounts

There are a few warning signs to look for if you think your account has been compromised:

  • You receive an unexpected email that your password has been changed.
  • You receive an unexpected email that your account has been accessed from a new location.
  • Friends mention you were online when you were not.
  • You receive an email about Guild Wars or Guild Wars 2, but do not have an account.
  • You notice strange IP addresses on your list of Authorized Networks.
  • Your characters have moved since you last logged in.
  • Your items or gold is missing.
  • Items from your bank or personal guild bank(s) are missing.
  • Your account name has changed.

If you notice any of these happening on your account, we recommend taking measures to not only secure your game account, but your email account, as well.

Securing Your Account

If you believe your account has been compromised, here are some steps you can take to protect and secure your account:

  1. Scan for viruses, keyloggers, and malware. Make sure to update your anti-virus, anti-malware, and firewall software so they can identify and quarantine the latest threats.
  2. Change the password of your email account. Tips on how to create a strong password can be found in this article.
  3. Change the password of your game account. Be sure to use a complex password you've never used before—or anywhere else!
  4. Consider using two-factor authentication to protect your game account. You can find more information about how to setup and use an authenticator in this article.
  5. If your email provider offers any two-factor authentication (or similar options), take advantage of those to bolster the security of your email account.

For more information about how to secure your computer, please see our guide on how to protect your computer in this article.

Reporting a Hacked Account

Once you've secured your email and your account, please submit a ticket to our support team. Be sure to fill out as many fields as possible so we can verify that you are, in fact, you. A member of our Support team will get back to you as soon as possible to help you with your account!