Email Authentication

How do I use the Guild Wars Account Email Authentication System?

The Email Authentication System is designed to help keep your account secure. If you were denied access when trying to log in to the Guild Wars 2 game client or official website, please check your email for a notification from us. If the log-in attempt came from you, follow the link in the email and select Remember this Network.

Here are the steps you should take to protect your account using the Guild Wars Account Email Authentication System:

  1. Log in to Guild Wars or Guild Wars 2.
  2. Click Send to send a validation email to your email address.
    • You will be sent an email with a link to verify the email address.
  3. Follow the link in the email and select Remember this Network.
    • Note: A link from us will lead to our domain, * Do not click a link that leads elsewhere.

When you receive an email indicating that someone is attempting to log in to your account, you can Allow AccessDeny Access, or Remember this Network.

  • If you choose Deny Access, access to your account will be blocked.
  • If you choose Allow Access, access will be granted on a one-time basis.
  • If you choose Remember this Network, you will receive an email only when a log-in attempt is made from a new IP address.

Please keep the following in mind when deciding how to respond to a login attempt:

  • You should never approve a login attempt from an unknown network, as it could be from someone attempting to log in using your username and password. Instead, change your password through Account Management.
  • Always be on the lookout for phishing attempts that try to direct you to malicious websites. Remember, the official Guild Wars 2 domain is *  Please be aware that we will not send emails that state that your account will be terminated if you do not respond or send emails that state that an account has been compromised (unless we are responding to a player). Emails of this type are most likely malicious in intent. For more information about phishing attempts, click here. For samples of some of the English-language phishing emails we’ve seen, click here.

Are there any alternatives to email authentication?

Yes! As an alternative to this method of authentication, you should consider using a mobile authenticator. This allows you to bypass email authentication, which makes your account more secure (even if your email account is compromised, your Guild Wars 2 account will still be safe). To learn more about how to use mobile authentication, please see this knowledge base article.

I was supposed to get an authentication email, but never received one!

Please see our article on problems receiving Guild Wars 2 emails.

I received the authentication email, but when I click the link I get a message saying it's expired.

This issue can be caused by two things. The first is time: authentication emails are only valid for twenty-four hours after they are sent. If you're using an email from within that time, certain web browser settings may be causing this error. Please try the following troubleshooting steps:

  1. Click on the authentication link using a different browser. Please try clicking the link using Internet Explorer, or if you are already using that browser, try a different one such as Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome. 
  2. If that does not resolve the issue, check to see if you have JavaScript enabled. If needed, this site will assist you with determining if you have JavaScript enabled or disabled and how to enable it. If you have JavaScript disabled, please enable it and try again.
  3. Finally, try clearing your browser cache. This option is usually found in the History or Options settings.


If you are still unable to authenticate using the email link, please submit a ticket with any additional details—including error messages you receive—and we will investigate the issue.