Guild Wars 2: Path of Fire FAQ

Q: When will Guild Wars 2: Path of Fire launch?

A: Path of Fire will launch at approximately 9:00 AM Pacific Time (UTC-7) on September 22, 2017. Check for the latest updates!

Q: Will there be a beta test or early access?

A: We will hold two preview weekend experiences, during which every player with a Guild Wars 2 account in good standing can jump in and play selected expansion content. In the first preview weekend, running August 11-13, players will get a taste of the first open-world map of the expansion and the raptor mount. In the second preview weekend, running August 18-20, players can create demo characters and play in Player vs. Player or World vs. World with the nine new elite specializations. If you don’t have a Guild Wars 2 account, you can register here to play the preview weekend event and the core Guild Wars 2 game for free! Please keep checking for more information as it becomes available.

Q: Can free accounts play in the Path of Fire preview weekends?

A: Yes, the preview weekends for Path of Fire are open to everyone. If you don’t have a Guild Wars 2 account yet, you can create one and play today.

Q: Is the expansion “buy to play”?

A: Yes. Path of Fire is a paid expansion to Guild Wars 2, but once you buy it, there are no subscription fees. This means you’ll have access to future updates for Path of Fire with no subscription fee.

Q: Do I need to buy a copy of the core Guild Wars 2 game to play the expansion?

A: No. The core Guild Wars 2 game is now available to play for free! You can purchase an expansion to upgrade your Guild Wars 2 account at any time, and every upgrade comes with a Max-Level Boost to equip one character with everything you need to play the expansion content right away.

Q: Do I need to own Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns™ in order to play Path of Fire?

Owning Heart of Thorns isn’t required to access Path of Fire content. However, some content is exclusive to Heart of Thorns.

  • You must purchase Heart of Thorns to unlock and use the gliding mastery, as well as all other masteries introduced in and exclusive to that expansion. You will be able to complete all of the content in Path of Fire without the use of any Heart of Thorns-exclusive masteries.
  • You must purchase Heart of Thorns to unlock and use the 9 elite specializations introduced with that expansion.
  • Path of Fire includes access to the revenant profession, but not the Herald elite specialization. If you only own Path of Fire, you will be able to create a revenant character and unlock the Renegade elite specialization.
  • You must purchase Heart of Thorns to claim the new guild hall released in Path of Fire, and access the Scribe crafting discipline to fully upgrade your guild hall.

Q: What is Path of Fire bringing to the base game?

A: Path of Fire will take you to the Crystal Desert and Elona, legendary lands first explored in Guild Wars: Nightfall. We’re introducing mounts, which are unlocked through the Mastery system and provide new ways to travel through the game world. You’ll be able to customize your character and playstyle further with a new elite specialization for each of the 9 professions. Please visit for more details.

Q: How much will Path of Fire cost?

A: Path of Fire is available for pre-purchase now, and a full list of prices and editions can be found here.

Q: Will Path of Fire only be available digitally, or will there be a boxed edition as well?

A: Path of Fire is available primarily as a digital download. Please visit our official site for a full list of the available editions and exclusive bonus items, or click here to find other official retailers.

Q: Will there be a collector’s edition for Path of Fire?

A: Digital Deluxe and Ultimate editions of Path of Fire are available for purchase. You can find those editions (along with a list of all the items you’ll receive) at our official site.

Q: Is Heart of Thorns included for free when I buy Path of Fire?

A: No. As we said when we announced Heart of Thorns, we always want to give you the option to purchase both expansions for a single price. With the purchase of any edition of Path of Fire, you can add in Heart of Thorns during checkout and purchase both expansions together for less than the combined prices of the expansions. If you already own Heart of Thorns or only want to play Path of Fire, you can purchase Path of Fire separately.

To purchase Path of Fire visit our official store.

For more information about Path of Fire visit the official site.

Q: If I purchased the Standard Edition of Path of Fire, can I upgrade to Deluxe or Ultimate?

A: You can purchase a digital Deluxe Edition upgrade through the Black Lion Trading Company in-game store. The Ultimate Edition of Path of Fire must be purchased as a complete edition, and the Standard and Deluxe Editions can’t be upgraded to Ultimate.

Q: When will I get the gems that are part of my purchase of the Ultimate Edition of Path of Fire?

Gem delivery may take up the 72 hours after purchase.

Q: Will there be more announcements of big features for Path of Fire?

A: We believe it’s important to let you know what to expect when you pre-purchase Path of Fire, and so every major feature planned for this expansion can be found on the official Path of Fire website. We’ll be telling you more about these in in the weeks leading up to the release, so also keep an eye on And of course, there’ll be many surprises left for you to discover in game as you begin your journey!

Q: Do I need to own Path of Fire to play future content releases?

A: Living World Season 4 episodes and raid releases will require Path of Fire to play. The raids released during Season 4 may use both Path of Fire and Heart of Thorns masteries. As long as you log in while a Living World episode is live, you’ll still unlock it for free and can play it after you upgrade your account.

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