How Do I Find My Steam Support ID?

When requesting support for a Steam account, it's important to include your account identification information to help us locate your game data.

When visiting the Guild Wars 2 support site, you can choose to "Submit A Ticket" or "Sign In" from the menu at the top.


Click the "Sign In" option and you will be presented with a login screen like the one below. Here, you can login using your Steam credentials.


Once you have successfully logged in with a Steam account on the support site, you will be provided a list of useful information for you to provide to our team when contacting for assistance. Please be sure to include any information listed here - most importantly, your Steam ID, Display Name, and Support ID - when submitting a ticket to the provided support email address.


TIP: Clicking the link on the "" email address on the page above will open an email and automatically fill in the required information.