End of Dragons Gameplay FAQ

Chapter 9: To Catch a Spider

Step: Investigate the Aetherblade Camp - Contains Spoilers

Some players may have difficulty in locating the entrance to the Aetherblade Camp, so the following will provide a description of what to look for.

Reveal Content

The entrance to the Aetherblade Camp is hidden, and well-guarded. You will see the quest area indicated on the mini-map with a green circle, which is a signal for “the objective you’re looking for is located here”. The green arrows indicate the approach paths for the camp entrance.

The door is located on the lowest floor of the map and is surrounded by two Aetherblade guards who are protecting it. Players will notice a light on the door, and the texture shimmers. Players will also find a Jade Battery as well. Upon approaching the entrance, a Champion Event will begin, calling attention to the area.


Whether the camp's location has been communicated via the comm call, or if the camp is discovered via map exploration, players are directed to enter the Aetherblade camp to look for clues to Ankka's whereabouts.

When players arrive at the camp, they will find some Aetherblades present, but no sign of Ankka.

Within the camp, players will find two audio logs of Ankka's which can be replayed, indicating that prior to the deals with either gang, another airship was seen in the area, shifting Ankka's attention to capturing that new airship.

Players are directed to listen to Ankka's first audio journal.

  • This step completes once the audio log dialog completes.

Players are directed to listen to Ankka's second audio journal.

  • This step completes once the audio log dialog completes.

This step completes once players have listened to both audio logs, and will trigger a check-in audio call with their team, wherein they agree to meet at Mori Village to plan their next move.