How do Mounts Work in Path of Fire?

Q: How do I unlock Mounts in Path of Fire?

A: You will unlock mounts as you play through the Path of Fire story, starting with the Raptor mount upon completion of the very first instance of the story.

Subsequent mounts are unlocked through the course of the expansion's story, by completing certain achievements, or through later Living World episodes.

You can find more information about all currently available mounts and their unlock methods on the official Guild Wars 2 wiki

Q: How do I use Mounts?

A: Once you have unlocked a mount, you can use it by selecting it from the mount menu to the right of your skill bar, located just next your Elite skill. Press the small arrow to open a list to select from your unlocked mounts.

Once you have selected which mount you wish to have active, you can click this button or press the associated hotkey you have selected in the in-game settings to mount up.


Alternatively, you can also find hotkey settings for each individual mount in the in-game settings menu. Using these options you can set an individual hotkey for each different mount to allow you to more quickly swap between the ones you have unlocked.

When you are mounted up, your skill bar will be replaced with various skills specific to your mount. Typically, the space bar will activate the mount's movement ability - the long jump for the Raptor, the Skimmer's hover, etc. - while your first hotkey will be the mount's combat/engage skill. Some mounts may have additional skills that can be used and assigned to hotkeys in the in-game settings.


Q: What are Mount Skins and how do I use them?

There are many skins available in-game that can be used to customize your Mounts with unique appearances and additional dye channels.

Mount skins are available through various means in the Gem Store and come in many varieties - some may simply change the pattern on the existing mount appearance, others may add particle effects or slight changes to the body shape of the mount, while others may change the appearance to an entire new species or outrageous new theme.

Please note that Mount Skins do not unlock the mount when purchased - you will still need to play through the game and complete the associated story and/or achievement steps to unlock the mount for use. Similarly, it is possible to unlock skins for mounts you do not currently have unlocked, so be sure to make your selection carefully and keep this in mind when purchasing any Mount Skins.