How Does Fishing Work in End of Dragons?

Q: How does Fishing work in End of Dragons?

A: Here is a quick rundown on how Fishing will work in the game:

  1. Get a fishing lure and/or fishing bait from a vendor.
  2. From either the Inventory display [I] or the Hero→Equipment panel ([H], then click on the equipment tab on the left), equip at least one of the lures and/or bait by right-clicking them and selecting "Equip". You'll need lure or bait to fish. You can use both lure and bait, if you like.
  3. Close the Inventory or Hero panel.
  4. Press the [J] hotkey, then select the Start Fishing button from the new set of buttons that come up to the left of your skill bar. This will change your skills to fishing skills. You  should see two fishing-related skills on your skill bar: skill [1] is Cast Line, and skill [0] (at the right end) is Stop Fishing.
  5. Move your character near some water.
  6. Click on skill [1] on the skill bar to activate the Cast Line skill.
  7. You can now target the Cast Line skill with the mouse. The cursor will be green when it's in water within range of the skill, otherwise it will be red.
  8. Click when the cursor is green in a nearby body of water. The avatar will do a cast animation and the hook and line will fly out to the targeted point in the water.
  9. There are 6 skills involved in total:
    • [1] Cast Line
    • [1] Set Hook (replaces Cast Line post-cast)
    • [2] Reel In Left
    • [3] Reel In Right
    • [5] Reset Line
    • [0] Stop Fishing 
  10. Time to Set the Hook
    • Once you've cast the line into the water, watch the place where it landed for a splash in the water. (During the splash, there will also be an indicator over your avatar's head.) During the splash, press the [1] key again to set the hook. If you miss (press the key before or after the splash), you'll go back to only having the the Cast Line skill and you'll have to cast into the water again (back to step 6). If you do it at the right time, you'll move on to the fishing minigame.
  11. Play the minigame!
    • Two bars are displayed to show the status of the minigame:
      • The lower of the two is the fishing progress bar. You're trying to get this filled. It starts at 50% full.
      • The upper bar shows the fish's "location" (the green marker) and the fisherman's "location" (the yellow marker).
    • Your job is to keep the fisherman icon on top of the fish icon.
      • Press and hold the [2] key ("Reel In Left" skill) to move the fisherman icon toward the left, or hold the [3] key ("Reel In Right" skill) to move it right.
      • Whenever the fisherman icon is centered over the fish icon, the progress bar fills. When it's not, the progress bar empties (more slowly than it fills).
      • If the bar completely empties, the fish escapes and you'll have to cast and set the hook again (back to step 6).
      • When the bar is completely filled, the fishing minigame UI disappears, and your character plays an animation pulling up and displaying a fish. You will also be awarded loot, which will almost certainly be a fish.
        • If you're fishing in a fishing area that has a bunch of small fish swimming in it, your loot will be displayed in a loot dialog, just like other gathering-type loot when you mine, chop trees, or harvest plants. Click on the loot in the dialog to put it into your inventory.
        • If you're fishing from plain water, then your loot will go straight into your inventory. You'll see it briefly at the right-center of your screen, and you can access it from your inventory as usual.
      • If you wish to abort the minigame before catching a fish, you can use skill [5], Reset Line. This will reset the skill bar to just skills [1] (Cast Line) and [0] (Stop Fishing).
  12. If you want to end fishing and return to your normal skill bar, you can use skill [0], Stop Fishing.