How Do Skiffs Work in End of Dragons?

Q: How do Skiffs work in End of Dragons?

A: Here is a quick rundown on how Skiffs will work in the game:

  • Skiffs hold up to 5 players, with 1 being the owner/pilot, and up to 4 passengers from amongst the pilot’s party or squad members. 
    • Passengers can swap seats as they wish if there are any unoccupied ones.
  • The skiff owner/pilot can set 3 modes of speed – Slow Cruise / Moderate Clip / Full Throttle 
  • Depth Charges – Provides a little bit of damage to nearby enemies, providing a stun-like effect  allowing you to navigate waters more safely. 
  • Turbo Boost – Provides a straight forward speed boost that expends endurance if you need to get somewhere fast, or get away from a monster.
  • Passengers can pass the time with a variety of emote skills on their bars, which also grant endurance allowing the pilot to Turbo Boost more frequently.
  • Angler Sense – By leveling up the fishing mastery, you can gain access to “Angler Sense” while piloting your skiff to detect fishing nodes in the water nearby.
    • “Angler Sense” is also available on the fishing rod’s skill bar if you need to find nodes while not aboard a skiff.
  • Toggle Anchor – Upon finding a fishing hole the pilot can anchor the skiff, allowing everyone to stand up and fish out the hole, up to 3 uses each for your average node.