Legendary Armory

The Legendary Armory is a system that will allow users to more easily access their hard-earned legendary gear across all characters on their account. Once the Legendary Armory arrives on July 13th, 2021, you'll be able to access the legendary items you've crafted on your account on any eligible character and quickly customize them to fit your needs for combat through the build template system.

This article aims to answer some frequently asked questions regarding the Legendary Armory so you can make the most use of it and better understand the system. For more information, check out the release blog post which outlines some of the features in more detail!

Storing Items in the Legendary Armory

Upon logging into a character for the first time after July 13th - and the first time you login to each character - all account-bound legendary equipment available in your inventory, equipment panels, and account bank will automatically be stored in your Legendary Armory.

Unbound items will remain in your inventory and can still be sold on the Trading Post, stored in player or guild banks, or sent to others via the mail. As was already the case, account-binding a legendary will prevent it from being sent to other players in any way, and will instead store it in the Legendary Armory for use across your account.

Equipping and Accessing Legendary Armory Items

Once an item is added to your account's Legendary Armory, every level 80 character on your account will be able to use it, provided it is able to be equipped by their profession and elite specialization. You'll find any usable Legendaries in your equipment tab alongside equippable inventory items, but they'll no longer take up valuable space in your characters' bags.

You can then equip items from the Legendary Armory by double-clicking them or dragging them into an appropriate equipment slot. Right clicking an equipment slot will also bring up a convenient dropdown menu which you can use to equip items from your Armory. Legendary Armory, and inventory, or customize an already equipped Legendary item with runes, sigils, or new stat sets. You can even copy and paste an equipped item and its customizations to your other equipment templates from this menu.

Once you've equipped a Legendary item to multiple equipment templates or across multiple characters, you can set different stat sets, upgrade selections, and skins for each one. Best of all, changing the wardrobe skin on a piece of Legendary equipment will no longer consume a Transmutation Charge - fashion warriors rejoice!


Storage Limits

In order to ensure that players never need to worry about unlocking more Legendary items than needed, there is a limit on how many of a single type of item can be stored. Generally, this limit is determined by how many equipment slots a given piece can be used in on each character, but differently named items have their own limits even if they can be equipped into the same slot as another Legendary item.

Below are some examples to help you better visualize the limitations of the Legendary Armory:

The maximum number of copies of an item that the Legendary Armory can hold is determined by how  many equipment slots it can occupy. Since all classes have access to two weapon sets at a time, each made up of either a main and offhand weapon or a two-handed weapon, the limit will be slightly different depending on how many slots an item takes up. 

Since a player can only equip four one handed weapons at a time, the armory will be able to store four copies of the Legendary sword Bolt, since swords may be equipped into the main or offhand slot depending on the class wielding it. You can also store four copies of the second generation Legendary sword The Shining Blade - differently named weapons of the same weapon type have their own limits.

Since a staff is a two-handed weapon, however, you will only be able to store two copies each of the Legendary staves Bifrost and Nevermore in your Legendary Armory.

Similar rules will apply to other equipment slots - You will be able to store one six-piece set of Legendary armor into your Legendary Armory for each weight (18 pieces in total.) Similar to weapons, however, different sets have their own limits, so you may have both a full set of Perfect Envoy light armor stored in your armory and a full set of a Player versus Player light legendary armor set, such as the Mistforged Glorious Hero's Armor.

Finally, Legendary backpacks, trinkets, and other items that are equipped in accessory slots will have a limit of 1 - since you can only equip one backpack at a time, you can only have one copy of the Legendary World versus World backpack, Warbringer, but you can still craft and store a copy of Ad Infinitum and The Ascension as well! The exception to this rule is Conflux, the WvW legendary ring, which has a limit of 2.

Exchanging Excess Legendary Items

We have identified a small number of players (approximately 0.008%) who own more account-bound copies of a unique Legendary item than their Legendary Armory will be able to hold. We will reach out to these players in the days following the release of the armory with information on how to resolve the issue.

Please allow up to two weeks from the release on July 13th for us to finalize our communication and distribution of compensation for these players before reaching out to us if you believe you fall into this category. 


If you require any further assistance or have other questions regarding the Legendary Armory system, please feel free to submit a support ticket.