Policy: Guild Ownership and Name Changes

Guilds are player-created social groups that allow members to communicate amongst themselves, organize events, and work with other players to unlock exclusive benefits and rewards for their guild. You can request to join a guild by asking for an invitation from a guild leader or officer, or you can start and manage your own guild using the in-game Guild interface (G).

As a general policy, the support team does not get involved in guild politics. This means that the team will not:

  • Add or remove members of a guild.
  • Promote or demote members within a guild.
  • Police guild chat.
  • Monitor Guild Bank access, items, and/or misuse.

When it comes to guild matters, issues should first be escalated to the guild’s leadership. If the issues continue after doing so, you may choose to remove yourself from the guild to find another that better suits your preferences. 

Creating a Guild

  1. Open your Guild panel by pressing the G key or clicking the guild icon (Guild_panel_Menu_Bar_icon.png) in the upper left corner of the screen.
  2. Click on an empty slot in your guild list.
  3. Click the Create Guild button.
  4. Select a guild name and a guild tag. Note that the guild name must be unique; it cannot be in use by any other guild.
  5. Click Create Guild to finish creating your guild.

Guild Leadership

The player who creates a guild is automatically promoted as the Leader of the guild, which grants them all the privileges associated with guild ownership. As additional members are invited, they are assigned to a default role with no permissions, though the Leader may choose to grant them additional permissions by assigning them different ranks within the guild.

More about how to use guild permissions and roles can be found on the official Guild Wars 2 wiki.

In the event that a guild Leader is no longer playing the game, you can contact Customer Support for assistance. Here are a few of the leadership scenarios that you may encounter:

Leadership Change: No Guild Leaders Present

If all Leaders within a guild depart before assigning a new Leader, a member with the next highest rank will be automatically promoted as the Leader of the guild. (Note that this gives them the power to demote or even kick the original founder from the guild, so be cautious when relying on the game to assign ranks.)

Leadership Change: Inactive Guild Leader

If the only Leader of the guild has stopped playing the game, it is recommended that you try to contact them using the in-game mail system or through external channels—such as a guild forum, chat room, via a social media account, or by contacting them via email.

If you are unable to contact the inactive Leader after sixty days, you can contact support to request that a replacement Leader be selected. If your request is approved, a Game Master will try to contact the original Leader so they can select a new Leader themselves. If, after 7 days, they do not respond, an officer will be promoted to the highest rank in the guild.

Leadership Change: Suspended Guild Leader

If the Leader of the guild has been terminated for something other than Real Money Trading, you may contact support to request that a replacement Leader be selected. Upon review and approval, an officer will be promoted to the highest rank in the guild.

Guild Name Changes

As a guild leader, you may request a guild name or [tag] change by contacting support. Please be sure to include the following information in your ticket:

  • Five potential names for your guild, in order of preference, with your most desired name first.
  • The tag you’d like to use for each new guild name(s).

Upon review, a Game Master will try to update the name of your guild according to your preferences. If the first name you provided is already in use by another guild, then we will attempt to change the name to the second one on your list, and so forth. Once we are able to change the name—or if we need additional names because they are all in use—the Game Master will reply to your ticket with the results.

Note that guild names or tags that violate the Guild Wars 2 Naming Policy will be disbanded, renamed, and/or result in further action against any involved users. Depending on the severity, our Game Masters will take action to remove the guild and any offending users from the game.

Guild Bank Management

In most cases, support will not be able to intervene when a member (with access rights) removes items from the Guild Bank that do not belong to them. Support does not police item transactions within a guild; this permission is managed by each guild's leadership, who must decide who has the ability to add and remove items from the guild's storage. Make sure you trust people who are able to access your shared Guild Bank; if someone has the ability to add and remove items, they very well may do so!

More about Guilds

A much more comprehensive overview of guilds, permissions, and unlocks can be found on the official Guild Wars 2 wiki.