Accidental Item Purchases

It’s not uncommon to accidentally purchase the wrong item or too many of an item as you explore the crafting system and unlock new rewards in Guild Wars 2. A slip-up or misunderstanding can be disheartening, but don't panic; the Customer Support team is here to help!

In the event that you buy too many of an item, the wrong item, duplicate items, or otherwise make a mistake that you cannot reverse, take a moment to submit a ticket to our support team. Note that while we cannot refund Trading Post purchases—as these are exchanges between players—we will do our best to replace or refund items accidentally purchased from an NPC or the Gem Store.

Here are a few common scenarios when you should contact the support team:

  • You purchased two of the same Outfit before the wardrobe system was implemented.
  • You accidentally purchased 1000 instead of 100 Icy Runestones.
  • You spent karma to purchase a recipe you already own.
  • You purchased the wrong set of runes from a dungeon vendor using your dungeon tokens.

As long as you have not used, unlocked, or consumed the item, you can submit a support ticket asking for a refund or replacement item. Here’s what you should include in your ticket:

  • The item you purchased
  • A wiki link of the item in question (if available)
  • When you bought the item
  • The currency type you spent
  • The total amount you spent
  • A detailed description of your situation

If your purchase qualifies for a refund or replacement, a Customer Service agent will get back to you with your options! Please note that some items cannot be refunded, or your requests may be denied if the item has been used, consumed, or if you utilize the service too frequently.