Reporting a Player or Guild

The Guild Wars 2 Rules of Conduct is a basic set of rules designed to outline the rights and protections that every player enjoys while playing in the Guild Wars 2 game and website. Their purpose is to cultivate a safe, fair, and fun environment for all our players, and ensure that everyone has the right to play and enjoy the game.

Sadly, some will still go out of their way to make the community a less enjoyable place for others. In these circumstances, the easiest way to inform the Support Team is to use the in-game Player Conduct Report window.

Reporting a Player

Via the In-Game Reporting Window

To report an offense in the game:

  1. Open the Player Conduct Report window. You can do this using one of several methods:

    • Right-click the offending player's name in chat and select Report.
    • Right-click the offending player's name in the Contacts and LFG panel [Y] and select Report. This works on any tab.
    • Right-click the offending player's name in your Guild panel [G] and select Report.
    • Click on the player, then right-click anywhere on their nameplate or portrait. Select Report from the context menu that appears.
  2. Use the drop-down menu to select the reason for your report.

  3. Click Send Report to submit the report for review.

Via Ticket

If, for some reason, you are unable to report a player while playing the game, you can also submit a ticket via the Helpdesk. Make sure you include as much information as possible in your ticket, including:

  • The Character Name of the Offending Player
  • The Account Name of the Offending Player (i.e. PlayerName.1234)
  • The Time of the offense
  • The Chat Channel or Location where the offense took place
  • A Detailed Description of the issue

Best Practices

Here are a few things to be mindful of when reporting a player:

  • You only need to report a player once. Reporting someone multiple times for a single offense does not mean they'll get actioned faster.
  • Use the Botting reason if reporting someone who is cheating, hacking, or exploiting a bug for unintended gains. The Support Team will investigate further!
  • The Support Team will not discuss the outcome of any player report. Each report is investigated by a Game Master, who will take the appropriate action if the report can be substantiated. The lack of a response does not mean there was no penalty for their behavior!
  • Remember: report and block! It doesn't matter who struck first; don't get baited into violating the Rules of Conduct, yourself. Report the offending player and then add them to your block list.
  • Abuse of the report tool can lead to the termination of your account. It should not be used as a weapon, but a tool to maintain the integrity of the game and community.
  • Abusing the Customer Support ticketing system, including spamming or harassment of CS agents, may result in the suspension, or termination, of your ability to create and submit further tickets.