I Want to Change My Display Name

Your Display Name is a unique identifier for your Guild Wars 2 account. It is created when first setting up your account by combining your chosen username with a randomly generated four-digit number. The resulting Display Name serves as a master identifier for your account: allowing users to add you to their social lists (friends, guild, block, etc.) and send you in-game mail, and serving as your forum identity when accessing and posting on the official forum.

Changing your Display Name

To change your current Display Name for your Guild Wars 2 account, follow the instructions below. (You can only change your Display Name once every 90-days.)

  1. Login into your ArenaNet account
  2. Click the Settings tab
  3. Click the Edit link next to your Display Name
  4. Enter your new Display Name* and click SUBMIT

You’re done! Your Display Name has now been updated. Please remember: You will not have the ability to edit your Display Name for another 90-days.

Although not common, there may be some brief side effects when changing a Display Name. These side effects include some issues with:

  • Guild Lists
  • Guild Rosters
  • Inability to chat
  • Broken friend/block/social lists
  • The old and new name showing intermittently

*Please note that you cannot change the numbers at the end of your Display Name, as these are randomly generated by our system.