Disable NVIDIA GeForce experience & AMD Software enhancements

To address game crashes and client launching issues, it's crucial to ensure that external software optimizations, such as NVIDIA GeForce Experience and AMD Software enhancements, aren't causing interference.

Here's a straightforward guide to temporarily disabling these features and isolating the root of the problem.

NVIDIA GeForce experience:

  1. Launch GeForce experience
  2. Go to “Home”, locate Guild Wars 2 and click “Details”
  3. Click “Revert”


AMD Software: Adrenalin Edition

  1. Right on your desktop and select “AMD Software: Adrenalin Edition”
  2. Navigate to Gaming > Graphics
  3. Under Global Gaming Experience, select “Default”

If the issue persists after applying this change, you can revert the settings and reapply your desired enhancements.