Steam: Gem Store Infinite Loading

This issue typically arises when the Steam and game-specific overlay settings are not configured correctly.

Please follow the instructions below to ensure both settings are enabled:

Steam General Overlay Settings:

    1. Open Steam
    2. Go to the "Settings"                                                                       
    3. Click the "In-game" tab.
    4. Tick "Enable the Steam overlay while in-game".
    5. Click "Ok".

Guild Wars 2 Overlay Settings:

  1. Right-click Guild Wars 2 on your Steam library and select "Properties"
  2. Go to the "General" tab
  3. Tick "Enable the Steam overlay while in-game"
  4. Click "Ok"

If All Else Fails, Contact Support!

If you’re still having problems accessing the Gem Store, please submit a ticket so our Support team can assist you further.