Reporting Bugs & Exploits

If you encounter a bug or exploit as you wander the world of Guild Wars 2, we want to know about it! Read more about how to report bugs and exploits below, or jump to a section by clicking one of these links:

Reporting Bugs

We know that it's not always easy (or ideal) to report issues exactly when and where they happen—particularly in high-pressure situations like when raiding or participating in a world event—which is why we've provided two channels through which to report issues, depending on the situation:

Submit it In-Game  (Click to learn more...)

If you encounter an issue that you can report on the spot, type /bug in the chat window to open the reporting window. This is the best approach in low-pressure situations when you can take the time to submit a report!

Step 1: Go to where the bug occurred

When using the in-game report option, it is only useful if the bug is submitted from the place where you encountered the issue. This is because the tool includes information about your position in the world when you submit a report—allowing us to jump right to the place where it happened—making it the ideal option for safe, low-pressure situations!

In high-pressure situations, consider reporting the bug on the forum instead.

Step 2: Open the In-Game Report Window

Here's how to access the in-game reporting tool:

  1. Open your chat window by pressing the Enter key.
  2. Type /bug
  3. Press Enter.
  4. Click the Report a Bug button, or click the second tab of the Support window.


Step 3: Create Your Bug Report

Now you'll see a window with several fields that you'll use to describe the issue. Here's how each field is used:

  1. Area: Choose the type of problem you're encountering.

  2. Sub-Area: Now choose the specific type of problem. Note that these fields change based on the Area you select.

  3. Blocking Progress: Denotes whether the bug prevents you from completing a story chapter, an event, a collection, or some other progression in the game. If so, check this box!

  4. Exploitable Issue: Is the issue exploitable in any way? If so, check this box!

  5. Title: (Max Length: 49 characters) Create a clear, succinct title that summarizes the problem. We should have an idea about what's happening before we even see the description.

    • Bad Title: "Please fix!"
    • Bad Title: "GAME BREAKING BUG! OMG!1!"
    • Good Title: "'Escort Quaggan to their Home' event is broken"
    • Good Title: "Story: Knut's text refers to Jormag as 'Wormag'"
  6. Description of the Issue: (Max Length: 999 Characters) Be as descriptive as possible about the problem; every little detail matters. Here's a few things you should try to include:

    • The date and time when you encountered the issue.
    • The location of the issue (map, sector, nearby point of interest, etc.).
    • The server where you encountered the issue.
    • The event name (if applicable).
    • The names of any key NPC’s involved.
    • The race, profession, and level of your character.
    • Others in your group or party.
    • etc.
  7. Take Screenshot: A screenshot is worth a thousand words! Frame the bug in your screen and click this button to capture the bug.

When you're done filling in all the fields, click the Submit button to finish submitting your report!

Submit it on the forum  (Click to learn more...)

If you're in a high-pressure situation, capture a screenshot and jot down some details to report later on the official Guild Wars 2 forum. This is the best approach when you're in the middle of something that can't be set aside.

Step 1: Gather Details

Here are a few steps we recommend you take whenever you run into a bug:

  • Take a screenshot! Capturing a clear screenshot of the problem is a huge step in getting a bug fixed. Use the Printscreen key to capture a screenshot, which is then automatically saved in your \Documents\Guild Wars 2\Screens folder.
  • Take notes! Jot down some quick notes in a notepad document. Where did it happen? What kind of creatures were involved? What was the name of the event? What did you do to cause it? Who else was involved? Every detail you can remember is helpful!
  • Can you reproduce the issue? Reproduction steps help us recreate the bug in our testing environment. If you already know how to create the bug, take note of the steps that will help us reproduce it ourselves!

Even if all you can do is take a screenshot, it can be a useful way to remember what was happening when you're ready to submit the bug.

Step 2: Search for Similar Reports

Before you report a bug, take a moment to visit the Known Issue Tracker to see if your bug has already been reported. If it's listed there, then you're done; a fix is already in the works!

Step 3: Reporting a Bug

The best place to report a bug is on the official forum:

Before you start a new thread: search or skim the threads to see if the problem has already been reported! If you can provide additional details about an issue, please add them to the existing thread rather than creating a new one.

If it has not been reported, here's what you should include when posting about a bug you encountered in the game:

  1. Create a clear and concise title that sums up the issue.

    • Make sure your title is clear enough for others to understand the problem before they ever click into your thread.

  2. Be as descriptive as possible. Every little detail matters. Here's a few things to try and include:

    • The date and time when you encountered the issue.
    • The location of the issue (map, sector, nearby point of interest, etc.).
    • The server where you encountered the issue.
    • The event name (if applicable).
    • The names of any key NPC’s involved.
    • The race, profession, and level of your character.
    • Others in your group or party.
    • etc.
  3. Include reproduction steps.

    • If you've already figured out how to reproduce the problem reliably, include a step-by--step list so we can try to reproduce it ourselves.

  4. Include a screenshot.

    • Remember that picture you took when you encountered the issue? Don't forget to include it as a link to your post!

Got it? Great! Use these steps to report issues as you encounter them, and we'll do what we can to continue ironing the wrinkles out of the game.

More information about how to report game bugs can be found in this post.

Reporting Exploits

Exploits are issues that involve the use of a gameplay feature, bug, or hack in a way that provides an unfair advantage over other players, or which otherwise hurts the game, community, or the economy. Exploits can have serious repercussions on the game, which is why you should never use (or encourage others to use) an exploit—a stipulation of the Guild Wars 2 Terms of Service and Rules of Conduct.

If you happen to learn about or discover an exploit, we ask that you report it immediately by sending an email to DO NOT post it anywhere else, and make sure you avoid using it yourself so you avoid running into any problems with the GM team! 

Frequently Asked Questions

I reported a bug, but I haven’t received a response!

Due to the volume of bug reports we receive, we cannot provide individual responses to bug reports.

That said, every bug report is read and reviewed by our Quality Assurance team. Members of the team are responsible for investigating the bug, reproducing it on our internal environments, and then working with the designers, programmers, and artists to find a fix, if possible. Keep an eye on our Release Notes for the latest updates and bug fixes.

I reported a bug ages ago, but it’s still not fixed!

Bugs are rarely (if ever) a simple fix! While we investigate every issue, it takes some time to track down the cause, identify and test a fix, and then prepare it for the Live environment. Most bugs will take at least a few weeks for us to resolve, and sometimes longer if we're unable to reproduce the issue or find a solution.

If you’re still seeing a particularly bad bug that’s been present for months, please take the time to create a post in our bug forum to see if others have encountered similar issues.