Bug Reports

Check out the Known Issue Tracker to see whether we’re already working on a fix for your bug!

What should I do if I find a bug?

If you find a bug in Guild Wars 2, the best way to report it is to submit an in-game bug report. To do this, hit ESC and select “Support,” then either click the bug icon or the “Report a Bug” icon.

The game will automatically send us important information to help us fix the bug, like where your character is and what events are going on at the time you submit the bug report. This means the best time to submit your report is as soon as you notice the bug, since waiting until later will result in unrelated information being sent with your report.

What can I do to help developers fix bugs faster?

There are a few things you can do to help us address bugs as quickly and thoroughly as possible:

  • Make your bug report a good one!
    • Try to find a way to consistently reproduce the bug. If you find one, submit it!
    • Submit it as soon as the bug occurs, and in the place where you experienced it.
    • Submit it on the character that experienced the bug.
    • If the bug involved other members of a group (like a party, squad, or guild), mention this in the bug report.
    • Make a post on our bug forum.
    • Whether you’re writing a bug report or a forum post, be as descriptive as possible! Tell us what happened, in what order, and why it’s different from what you expected.

I reported a bug, but I haven’t gotten a response!

Because of the volume of bug reports we receive, we can’t provide individual responses. Every single one is read, though, and reviewed by our Quality Assurance team. The QA team then investigates the bug, attempts to reproduce it, and works with our programmers to find a fix if possible. Keep an eye on our Release Notes for updates on bug fixes.

I reported a bug ages ago, and it’s still not fixed!

Sometimes bugs are difficult or impossible to fix. Between tracking down the cause, finding a fix, and testing the fix, most bugs will take at least a few weeks for us to resolve, sometimes longer. If you’re still seeing a bug that’s been ongoing for months, please post on our bug forum.