Fixing Errors and Crashes with a Clean Boot

Some programs can stop Guild Wars 2 from running properly, causing errors or crashes. Common examples include Error 42, Exception: c0000005 (Out of Memory), and connection problems. To figure out which program is causing the problem, you can change your computer's startup settings to not automatically launch programs. This is called doing a "clean boot." This process will not uninstall any applications from your computer (just prevent these applications from automatically starting when the system boots up). If you remove your anti-virus software from the startup list, don't forget to re-enable it once you're done testing!

To do a clean boot, follow the instructions for your operating system below.

Windows Vista & Windows 7

  1. Press and hold the Windows key and then hit the R key. This should bring up the Run dialog box.
  2. Type "MSCONFIG" without the quotes, and click "OK." This should open the System Configuration Utility.
  3. Click on the "Services" tab and check the "Hide All Microsoft Services" check box near the bottom, then click the "Disable All" button (You MUST click "Hide all Microsoft Services" to avoid deactivating essential programs).
  4. Next go to the "Startup" tab and click the "Disable All" button.
  5. Once these items are all disabled, click the "OK" button and you will get a prompt to restart your computer.
  6. Restart your computer. 
  7. Once you return to Windows, try connecting to the game again.

Windows 8

  1. Open the Windows 8 menu and type in "MSCONFIG." This will start a search for any "Apps" called "MSCONFIG."
  2. The first and only result should be "System Configuration." Left click on this. A new window will appear called "System Configuration."
  3. Click the "Services" tab.
  4. Click "Hide all Microsoft Services" at the bottom and once done, click "Disable All" (you MUST click "Hide all Microsoft Services" to avoid deactivating essential programs).
  5. Click the "Startup" tab.
  6. Click "Open Task Manager."
  7. A list will be generated of all the applications you have set to start when Windows first boots up. Right-click on these applications one by one and select "Disable." Once completed, click "Ok" to save your changes. This will prompt you to reboot your computer. Please do so.
  8. Once you return to Windows, try connecting again.


  1. On the Finder menu bar, click Go > Applications > System Preferences. 
  2. Under the System header open “Accounts.” 
  3. Choose your account on the left. 
  4. Click the “Login Items” button on the right. 
  5. Select any items in the list and click the minus button below the list one at a time until the list is empty. 
  6. On the Finder menu bar, click Go > Computer. 
  7. Open your Hard Drive. 
  8. Click System > Library > and Startup Items. 
  9. Remove any applications that are listed here.