Problems Receiving ArenaNet Emails

If you are not receiving expected emails (such as purchase confirmations, password resets, network authorization requests, or responses from Support), please follow the steps below.

  1. Check your email account directly through the email provider’s web page, and not through a mail reader (such as Outlook) or a mobile device (such as a smart phone or tablet).
  2. Check your Spam, Junk, and Deleted Messages folders to make sure the message wasn’t received and moved to one of those folders.
  3. If you’re using Gmail, check every tab (such as Social, Promotions, or Updates), and not simply the main Inbox tab.
  4. Do not flag our emails as “Not spam.” Some players have reported that this is ineffective or may actually increase problems.
  5. Set up a filter, add us to your Contacts List, or add us to your email “Safe Sender” list to prevent our messages from being diverted or blocked. The list of addresses from which ArenaNet sends emails includes:
    • Guild Wars 2 Support []
    • Guild Wars Support []
    • Guild Wars 2 Player Support []
    • Guild Wars Player Support []
    • Guild Wars 2 Team []

Note: Phishing is a common Internet issue. It is not possible for us to prevent someone from “spoofing” one of our sending email addresses. Therefore we encourage you to use great caution in handling and responding to any inbound email. Remember that we will never ask for your account password in any email that we initiate, nor will we link to sites that request that information. The only time we might ask for details about your account would be in cases where you contact us for help. In that case, we may need to ask identifying questions to verify your ownership of an account. For more information about phishing, please see this Forum Post.

What kind of response should I expect in response to my support ticket?

Every ticket submitted to ArenaNet Customer Support will receive multiple responses. There are three kinds:

  • An auto-response that confirms receipt of your inquiry. These usually go out very soon after we receive your initial inquiry.
  • A personal response from an agent that arrives after the auto-response. There may be multiple agent responses to a single ticket.
  • Automatic updates that let you know your request is in the hands of an agent and still is being worked on. These are not sent for every ticket, but for those that are taking extra time to resolve, such as an account ownership dispute, a hacked account situation, an item replacement or refund request, etc.

I’ve followed the steps above and I’m still not getting ArenaNet emails!

If you’ve followed all of the steps outlined at the beginning of this article and still are not getting the emails you expect, there may be a problem on our end or with your email service provider. The steps you should take next depend on the problem you’re having. For example:

  • If you are able to receive emails from Support but are not receiving other kinds of emails (such as purchase receipts or password resets), please submit a ticket to our Support team describing which emails you’re having trouble receiving.
  • If you are not receiving automatic responses from Support after submitting a ticket, please submit a new ticket using an alternate email account. The alternate email account should use a different email provider than the one you’re having trouble with. For example, if the email you used previously was, the alternate address you use on your new ticket might be sent from a or address. Make sure you let us know which email address you’re having trouble with, and which address you prefer us to use in the future. Additionally, please include the number of your original ticket (if available) in the subject line of your new one, as well as any other information you previously provided.