Gold & Wealth Transfer Restrictions (Mail/Guild Bank)

In an effort to address fraud and account theft in Guild Wars 2, we've implemented a few restrictions on the transfer of wealth between accounts. These limits are designed to prevent the rapid and abusive transfer of wealth that may be associated with account takeovers, fraud, and real money trading (also known as "RMT" or "gold selling").

Here are the limitations currently in place:

  • Free accounts cannot send coin or items via the mail.
  • The maximum amount of gold that can be sent via a single in-game mail message is limited to 500 gold.
  • An account can only accept up to a total of 500 gold through the in-game mail system and/or the Guild Vault each week. If this limit is exceeded, you will need to wait until the following week to collect any remaining gold.
  • The amount of coin and items that can be sent via the mail is initially capped for new accounts. This value raises by approximately one gold every 10 hours for the first 30 days.

Generally, these restrictions shouldn’t affect the normal transfer of gold and items between players under most circumstances. The only time you'll run into these limitations is when you're trying to transfer a large amount of gold between accounts, or when trying to send gold or items from a brand-new account.

Frequently Asked Questions

I’m on a new account and I can’t mail gold or items to my friends! What's wrong?

Brand new accounts are prevented from using the in-game mail system until a character has reached Level 6, and cannot send items or gold until 7 days of real world time have passed. Before you've met these requirements, you may see lock icons and the following message displayed in the mail panel:

"Attaching items and coins to in-game mail is restricted for new accounts. As you continue to play, this restriction will be lifted."

Note that these restrictions do not prevent you from receiving gold and items through the mail before the restrictions have lifted.

Why am I getting messages about not being able to take gold from my mail or guild bank?

There is a weekly limit on how much gold a single account can receive from in-game mail messages and/or the Guild Vault each week. If you've already accepted a total of 500 Gold (through either or a combination of both channels), you will not be able to collect more until the following week.

  • Gold attached to a mail message will remain in your inbox until it can be collected the following week.
  • The Guild Vault's "withdraw" button will be disabled until you can withdraw more coins the following week.
  • For the purposes of this limit, a week begins at 12:01 AM UTC each Sunday (5:01 PM PDT/4:01 PM PST Saturday).

What happens to gold I’m not able to collect from my mail?

Gold you are not able to collect will remain in your inbox until you’re able to collect it; nothing will be lost. During this time, you can still use the “Return to Sender” button if you want to return what remains to the player who sent it.

Will these restrictions stop me from collecting the money I earn on the Black Lion Trading Post?

No, these restrictions only apply to money collected from in-game mail messages and withdrawn from Guild Vaults.

Where can I learn more about the limitations on my account?

You can find more information both here and on the official Guild Wars 2 wiki: