FAQ: In-Game Currency Wallet

Guild Wars 2 has several different types of currency for your characters to acquire and spend. For more information on the different currency types, please see this article on our wiki.

Where can I find my in-game currency? What’s the Wallet?

The first time you log in a character after the end of the scheduled maintenance on August 6, 2013, you’ll have a new Wallet tab on your Hero window. This tab will display all of your money, tokens, and other currencies for that character. Additionally, Karma and Coin totals will be displayed at the bottom of the Inventory window, and a full list of currencies will appear when you hover your mouse over the display.

Each time you log in with another character, that character’s currencies will be added to the Wallet, and the account-wide total will be displayed in each character’s Wallet tab. There’s no time limit on this – all characters’ currencies will be moved over to the Wallet whenever they are logged in. We encourage you to log in with each character soon, though, so you can take advantage of the Wallet to keep track of all that you’ve acquired.

Which currencies can I find in the Wallet?

Coins, Karma, Dungeon Tokens, Laurels, Guild Commendations, Fractal Relics, Badges of Honor, Gems, and Glory are all displayed in the Wallet. 

Can I spend currency on a different character than the one that obtained it?

Yes! All currencies are stored on an account-wide basis, so any character on your account can spend the currency.

My Wallet shows 200,000 gold, but I had more than that stored on different characters. What happened to my money?

Although the Wallet displays just 200,000 gold, your money is not gone! Gold above 200,000 is stored on your account and will fill your wallet as you spend gold until your gold balance drops to 200,000 across your entire account.

What if I have currencies stored in my Bank?

Currencies in your Bank will be added to your Wallet upon your first login after the August 6th maintenance.

Do character-based currency acquisition boosts (for example, Karma Boosters) now apply across an account?

No, each booster will apply only to the character that activates it.