FAQ: In-Game Currency Wallet

wallet-full.pngThe Wallet is a special inventory panel that tracks currency totals across an entire account. It is accessed by clicking the Wallet icon in the lower-left corner of your Inventory window, which is opened (by default) by pressing the [I] key.

As of August 2013, the wallet became a shared resource for all characters on an account. Currencies earned by each character are now automatically deposited into the wallet, and can be accessed and spent by any character on the account.

For more information on the different currency types, please see this article on our wiki.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which currencies can I find in the Wallet?

Most currencies automatically enter the Wallet as soon as they are obtained. Here's a short list of what can be found or stored in the Wallet:

  • Coins
  • Gems
  • Karma
  • Spirit Shards
  • Laurels
  • Guild Commendations
  • Transmutation Charges
  • Dungeon Tokens
  • Fractal Relics
  • Badges of Honor
  • WvW Currencies
  • PvP Currencies
  • Map Currencies
  • Keys

I haven't played since 2013. Where's all my currency?

The first time you log in with a character, any money, tokens, and other currencies on that character will automatically deposit to the Wallet.

Each time you log in with a character for the first time since the update, that character’s currencies will be added to the Wallet. The account-wide total is displayed in each character’s Wallet tab, and will update with any new currencies that are earned on the account.

We encourage you to log in with each character to take advantage of the Wallet and keep track of the wealth you’ve acquired.

Can I spend currency on a different character than the one that obtained it?

Yes! All currencies are stored on an account-wide basis, so any character on your account can spend the currency you earn.

My Wallet shows that I have 200,000 gold, but I had more than that stored on different characters. What happened to all my money?

Though the Wallet displays a maximum of 200,000 gold, your money is not gone! As you continue to earn and spend gold, your totals will continue to be tracked behind the scenes. When your total gold balance drops below 200,000 gold across your entire count, the Wallet will update and display the correct number.

What happens to currencies that are stored in the Bank?

Currencies stored in your Bank before the 2013 update will be added to your Wallet when you log into your first character following the update.

Do character-based boosts (for example, Karma Boosters) now apply across an account?

No. Each booster will still apply to the character that activates it, but will not count down unless you're playing on that character. That means you are free to play any other character without wasting the benefits of the boost.