Level 80 Boost

The Level-80 Boost is a special, consumable item that auto-levels one character to the maximum level.

When activated, the boost will first begin a limited trial for the current character: moving them to The Silverwastes, temporarily making them level 80, and equipping them with level-appropriate gear and weapons. This allows you to experiment and play with the profession at max level—or you can use the boost on multiple characters to try out each of the professions to find your favorite. Once you're ready to lock in your choice, you can consume the item to permanently boost one character to Level 80!

Here is a video that explains and demonstrates the boost in action:

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get a Level-80 Boost item?

Users who purchase Heart of Thorns, Path of Fire, End of Dragons, or Secrets of the Obscure will receive a Level-80 Boost item in a shared inventory slot as soon as they log in to the game. You can also purchase additional Level-80 Boosts in the Gem Store.

Note: Users who receive Heart of Thorns for free when purchasing Path of Fire will only receive the Level-80 Boost included with the Path of Fire purchase, meaning only one boost will be received. The free copy of Heart of Thorns included in this bundle does not include a second boost.

What happens after I consume the Level-80 Boost to make my character permanently level 80?

When you consume the boost, you will receive a package of rewards to help get you started on your level 80 adventures. The full set of exotic gear that the character received for the trial period will be permanently soulbound to the boosted character. In addition, the character will receive:

Additionally, the entry waypoints in Frostgorge Sound, the Straits of Devastation, and Dry Top will be unlocked if the character has not already unlocked them.

What happens if I use the boost on the wrong character?

You can activate the boost to start the level 80 trial for as many characters as you like, but once the boost is consumed, you will not be able to use it on another character.

If you’re not sure which character you’d like to boost, we encourage you to use the trial period to play around with as many as you need before you decide. You will be prompted to confirm twice before the boost is consumed to confirm your decision before it's made.
NOTE: Customer Support is unable to offer any exchanges for Level 80 Boost consumptions.

Can I save the boost in my bank to use later?

No. To prevent players from accidentally deleting or losing the boost, it is bound to the shared inventory slot that it comes with. It must be consumed before you can use the shared inventory space for other items.

How do I activate the Level-80 Boost?

Double clicking the Level-80 Boost item will prompt you to begin the trial period:

  1. Double-click the Level-80 Boost.
  2. Click Begin Trial.
  3. Click Yes to confirm and start your trial.

While in the trial, double-clicking the Level-80 Boost and selecting Undo Trial is a quick way to exit the trial:

  1. Double-click the Level-80 Boost.
  2. Click Undo Trial.
  3. Click Undo to return to your home city.

While in the trial, double-clicking the Level-80 Boost and choosing Consume will spend the item to unlock the levels and benefits it provides to the current character:

  1. Double-click the Level-80 Boost.
  2. Click Consume.
  3. Click Confirm.
  4. Click Consume again to use the boost and level-up your character.

NOTE: There are rare cases where a player will 'consume' a boost completely and it will provide all of the boosted items, but will not actually boost the character. In these cases, please contact Customer Support.

How long may I play in the Level-80 Boost trial?

Indefinitely! Feel free to take as much time as you need to explore the Silverwastes with your provisionally level 80 character.

What happens to my belongings when I am in the Level-80 Boost trial?

While in the trial, any previously equipped items will be stored in your inventory in a container called the "Package of Old Equipment." This package cannot be opened while in the trial.

When you leave the trial (either by undoing the boost or consuming it to permanently level the character), the container will become accessible to open and interact with the items within.

What can I do while in the Level-80 Boost trial?

There's PLENTY to do in the Silverwastes:

  • Explore the Silverwastes.
  • Participate in the map meta-event chain.
  • Fight Mordrem.
  • Explore and unlock waypoints.
  • Pretty much anything else that other level 80 players in the map can do!

The only things you can't do are complete hero challenges, access your personal story, use transmutations, use certain items, or leave the Silverwastes. You also won't earn leveling experience for your character (since you're provisionally level 80), though you can earn Central Tyrian mastery experience if you've unlocked masteries on your other characters.

What happens to the gold, item, and currency rewards I earn during the Level-80 Boost trial?

Everything you earn in the Silverwastes is yours to keep, even if you decide to undo the boost. While you will lose any exotic gear provided by the boost if you undo the changes, you’ll keep any loot you farmed or gained during the trial.

What happens to the level-up rewards I would earn by leveling up regularly?

If you use the Level-80 Boost to advance your character to max level, you won’t get the level-up rewards you would have earned from normal leveling. That said, the package of rewards from consuming the boost is much more valuable than the normal level-up rewards.

Note that if you boost one of your characters and then undo the boost, that character will still be able to earn their level-up rewards as you level them normally. Using the boost only cancels out the level-up rewards for the character you permanently skip to level 80.

What if all my characters are already level 80?

You can either create a new character or consume the boost with one of your existing level 80 characters. Using the boost on a level 80 character will deliver the package of rewards that is normally unlocked when making the boost permanent.

Note that there is no trial period for an existing level 80 character, so the item will be permanently consumed if used by a max level character. You will still need to confirm twice before the item is consumed to ensure that your decision is final.