Missing Gold

In Guild Wars 2, there are numerous fees and costs that can add up over time, and which may contribute to the feeling that you’re missing some of your hard-earned gold. Before contacting the Support team, take a moment to consider these everyday money sinks to determine if your gold has gone missing:

Trading Post: Seller's Fees

Whenever you sell an item on the trading post, there are two fees associated with the transaction:

  • A non-refundable Listing Fee is charged when you post the item for sale. This 5% fee is displayed to the right of the Total Price, and is a nonrefundable cost that covers the listing and holding your item for sale. This means it is always charged, even if you decide to cancel the transaction later on.
  • Once an item sells, an Exchange Fee is deducted from the coins delivered to the seller. This 10% fee is displayed to the right of the Total Price when listing the item.

The estimated profit of any given sale can be seen by hovering over the Total Price field when first listing the item. This value is automatically calculated by taking the current asking price and subtracting the Listing and Exchange Fees—a quick way to tell how much you'll make!

More information about the trading post can be found on the official wiki.

Trading Post: Buy Orders

While there are no fees associated with Buy Orders, placing an order requires that you have enough gold to cover the purchase. When you actually place an order, the gold is immediately removed from your currency wallet and held by the trading post.

To view your open Buy Orders:

  1. Open the Trading Post (using the [O] key, by default).
  2. Select the Trading Post from the tabs on the left.
  3. Select My Transactions from the tabs at the top of the window.
  4. Under Current Transactions, click "Buying" to view your current listings.

If you decide to cancel a Buy Order, the reserved gold is immediately added back to your gold balance. You can cancel a Buy Order at any time by navigating to your open Buy Orders and clicking the Remove button next to the listing.


Some items sold by merchants require multiple types of currency for a single item. If you’ve recently bought an item with another currency (such as Laurels or Globs of Ectoplasm), you may also have spent some amount of gold at the same time.  Make sure to look carefully at prices before buying!


Waypoints are one of the primary methods of travel around Tyria, and while jumping from point to point within one of the major cities is free, traveling to or from open world waypoints costs a small fee based on the distance traveled and the character's level. This usually ranges anywhere form a few copper to a few silver, though transporting often can add up.

More about waypoints and waypoint costs can be found on the official wiki.