Missing Gold

There are many ways to spend gold in Guild Wars 2.  Sometimes, you may not realize how much you’ve spent, or you may forget about purchases or fees that have deducted from your gold balance.  If you think you’re missing in-game gold, please check the following common gold expenditures before submitting a Support ticket:

  • Trade Fees
    • When you sell an item on the trading post, there are two fees that can be charged:
      • A non-refundable Listing Fee is charged when you post the item for sale.  This 5% fee is displayed on the line below the Projected Profit in the sale window. The Listing Fee will be charged even if you later cancel the Trading Post transaction.
      • Once the item sells, 10% of the sale price is deducted as a Tax.  This fee is not explicitly listed, but when you post the item for sale, the Projected Profit reflects this deduction.
      • Projected Profit does not reflect the deduction of the 5% Listing Fee; the fee is displayed on a separate line. Be sure to keep this in mind when calculating actual profits.
  • Buy Orders
    • While there are no fees associated with Buy Orders, when you place an order the gold required to complete your purchase is put in reserve (removed from your gold balance) to cover the purchase. If you cancel a Buy Order, that reserved gold is added back to your gold balance.
    • You can see all of your outstanding Buy Orders by clicking on the “My Transactions” tab in the Black Lion Trading Company window and selecting “Items I’m Buying.”
      • You can cancel a Buy Order at any time for a full refund by clicking the “Remove” button in this window.
  • Merchants
    • Some merchants charge multiple types of currency for a single item. If you’ve recently bought an item with another currency (such as Laurels or Globs of Ectoplasm) you may also have spent gold at the same time.  Make sure to look carefully at prices before buying!

Other resources: The Guild Wars 2 Wiki has an informative article about the Trading Post that you may find of interest. You can find that article here:  http://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Trading_Post