Troubleshooting Audio Issues

No Audio Output

If you are not getting any audio output from the game, please try the following:

First, check the in-game audio sliders and make sure they are not turned all the way down, and that you have selected the correct audio output device in the "Audio Device" dropdown.


Then, ensure that Guild Wars 2 is not turned down or muted in your Windows Volume Mixer. You can often find this program pinned to the far right of the Windows task bar, or by opening the "Start" menu and searching for it by name.


Quiet or Muffled Audio

If your audio is muffled or quiet, start by following the instructions above to ensure that the sound volume is not simply turned down. You may also wish to check Windows's Sound Control Panel tool to view the configuration for your audio device specifically and ensure that its output isn't turned down.


If the audio remains quiet, check to see if your headset or speakers have drivers that need updating by visiting the manufacturer's website.

Check any accompanying software that is used to configure your device for interfering settings - additional volume sliders, or surround sound settings. Since many surround sound solutions exist, you may wish to toggle between surround sound and stereo options, if available, to see if one is better for your setup and works better with the game.

Static and Audio Interference

Any sort of audio interference - static, buzzing, or stuttering - is often a sign of a hardware issue.

Most often, this is simply interference caused by a loose cable, so ensure that your device is plugged in firmly to the USB or audio jack on your computer.

If this does not resolve the issue, please check to ensure that the drivers for your device are installed and up to date, if applicable. You can find drivers for your specific device by visiting the manufacturer's website.

If you are using a wireless audio device, ensure there is not interference in the signal to your device by reducing the amount of distance between it and your computer as much as possible.

If these options do not work - or, if your audio interference is accompanied by other issues such as crashes or frame rate drops in game - then the audio problems may be due to hardware issues in other parts of your system, such as your graphics card, processor, or memory. Please try the suggestions in our performance troubleshooting article, and reach out to our support team if you are still unable to identify the cause.