Secrets of the Obscure: Wizard's Vault

The Wizard’s Vault is a reward system available in Guild Wars 2: Secrets of the Obscure that can point you toward content to play.

Players can earn astral acclaim by completing certain tasks and trade that acclaim in for rewards from their vault. They’ve even set it up so that the exchange works whether you can physically reach their location in the skies above Tyria or not!

New Ways to Earn Rewards: 

  • Reward choice: As you complete Wizard’s Vault objectives, you earn astral acclaim. Astral acclaim can be spent to buy specific items offered in the Wizard’s Vault shop. Rather than unlocking specific items at specific tiers of progression, you can choose which rewards you want to acquire.
  • Reward longevity: The rewards in the Wizard’s Vault rotate every few months, but any cosmetic rewards introduced through the Wizard’s Vault will remain available. When they’re no longer part of the most recently updated offerings, those rewards will go into a legacy tab of the reward shop, where they’ll remain available for purchase for astral acclaim (although at a higher price). Our goal in doing this is to alleviate player anxiety about timed rewards—if something comes into the vault when it’s not a good time for you to be playing much, it’ll still be there for you later.
  • Rewards for gameplay: We do not have a premium tier of the Wizard’s Vault that has additional rewards, and players cannot buy astral acclaim with gems or real money.

The Wizard’s Vault replaces the existing daily login rewards and daily achievements—specifically the generic Daily category. Other categories (like Daily Fractals, Daily End of Dragons, etc.) will still be around in the achievements panel. You’ll continue to receive progress toward Daily Completionist by completing Wizard’s Vault daily objectives and achievement points from the Wizard’s Vault Daily Completionist achievement.

Once one of your characters reaches level 80, the Wizard’s Vault UI will be accessible to all characters on your account, regardless of which expansions you own. If you do not have Guild Wars 2: Secrets of the Obscure registered on your account, some rewards will be locked, and you will be unable to visit the in-game location of the Wizard’s Vault. The system will be fundamentally the same for you otherwise.