Secrets of the Obscure: Weaponmaster Training

Guild Wars 2: Secrets of the Obscure will introduce new ways to build your characters in the form of the new Weaponmaster Training mastery. 

With this new feature, characters that have reached level 80 on accounts with access to the Secrets of the Obscure expansion will be able to unlock the ability to equip the weapons unlocked by any of their Elite Specializations, even when they do not have a specific Elite Specialization equipped or do not have the required expansion unlocked.

This means that a Willbender Guardian can be equipped with a longbow, or a core Elementalist can wield a sword and warhorn.

Please note that there are a few requirements before you can use this feature:

  • The account must have Secrets of the Obscure unlocked.
  • The character must be level 80.
  • Weaponmaster Training must be unlocked through gameplay in the Secrets of the Obscure expansion before equipping other specialization's weapons.
    • Stay tuned for more information regarding the unlock process for Weaponmaster Training after Secrets of the Obscure has launched!
    • For information about the unlock process, visit the Guild Wars 2 wiki.
  • Other elite specialization features (alternate skill types, new profession-specific mechanics, etc.) still require you own the corresponding expansion to unlock, as well as training and equipping the elite specialization to your character build.