Resetting Your Network Devices (Router/Modem)

Your modem and router are your gateway to the internet, which also means that they're one of the first places to look if you begin experiencing connectivity issues in Guild Wars 2. Power cycling your network devices periodically can fix common connection problems, improve slow connections, and clear out any issues hiding in the memory of your router.

Follow these steps to reboot your router or modem:

  1. Turn off any computers connected to the modem or router.

  2. Unplug the power cable from your modem, then do the same for any wireless or wired routers you're using.

  3. Wait for 60 seconds while the modem and routers are unplugged.

  4. Plug in your modem, turn it on, and allow it to fully boot up. Give it a minute or two to re-authenticate with your ISP and assign you an IP address. When the power, send, and receive lights are all active and stable, you should be ready to plug in your router(s).

  5. Now plug in your router(s), turn them on, and allow them to fully boot up. Similar to your modem, give it one or two minutes to properly establish a connection with the modem.

  6. Now turn on your computer and check your connection. You should be online and ready to play!