End of Dragons Beta Events

In preparation for the launch of the Guild Wars 2: End of Dragons expansion, we will hold a number of beta events for players to try out new elite specializations and game features.

  • Beta Event 1: August 17—August 21
  • Beta Event 2: September 21—September 25
  • Beta Event 3: October 26—October 30
  • Beta Event 4: November 30—December 4

Each beta event will focus on a different set of elite specializations, or features, from the expansion, and the exact contents of each beta event will be announced leading up to the start date for each. Please stay tuned to the official Guild Wars 2 website and forums for further announcements, or tune into our preview livestreams on the official Guild Wars 2 Youtube or Twitch channels for more info.

Participating in Beta Events

All players with active Guild Wars 2 accounts will be able to participate in these beta events by simply logging in and creating a new beta character during the beta period. From there, you can participate in any content your account has access to - Open world and Player vs. Environment content, World vs. World, and Player vs. Player.

Please note that characters created during this period and the activities you complete on them will not progress your account normally, and these characters will be deleted from your account once the beta events have concluded.

Sharing Beta Feedback & Reporting Bugs

If you want to share your feedback regarding any of the beta experiences with your fellow adventurers, we ask that you join the discussion on the official forums - our team will be reading the discussion and taking comments into account.

If you encounter a bug, or other issues when playing on a beta character, please use the in-game bug report feature. You can find this option by pressing "Escape" while playing the game and clicking "Report a bug." From here, you'll be prompted to fill out some details regarding your issue and will be given the option to attach a screenshot if needed.

NOTE: Please do NOT submit beta event bug reports or support requests via the customer support ticketing system, as the customer support team is unable to offer assistance with beta characters or game features.

NOTE: While we will be reading feedback on the forums and bug reports, developers or support agents will not reply to each submission. 

Beta Event Frequently Asked Questions

Who is invited to the End of Dragons elite specialization beta?

Everyone! Whether you are on a free-to-play account or one which has been upgraded with previous expansions, you will be able to login and try out the new elite specializations as soon as each beta event begins.

What if I don’t have any character slots available - can I still make a beta character to test?

Every player will receive three special character slots during each testing period. These slots can only be used for creating beta characters and will be removed when the beta period ends.

What content can I play with my beta characters?

You will be able to access every game mode and nearly every piece of content on your beta characters, and play any existing instances, player versus player, or world versus world.

Other Guild Wars 2: End of Dragons content will not be available for play during these beta events. You will be able to explore the new maps and instances that are coming with End of Dragons once the expansion has launched.

When will my characters be deleted? What happens when the beta event ends?

Beta characters will be automatically wiped at the end of each beta event to make room for the next 3 class elite specializations in your character roster.

Once deleted, these characters cannot be recovered and or transferred to your account as a “normal” character. Similarly, once all of the events have concluded, you will no longer be able to access the 3 additional beta character slots.

Can I earn rewards and account progress on my beta characters?

While you can participate in content and get loot on your beta characters, any account changes made - achievements earned, player vs player matches won, and items earned - will be erased from your account when the characters are wiped at the end of the event.

Items earned cannot be transferred to your normal characters in any way. As such, if you are looking to keep any item drops, we encourage you to keep playing on your normal (non-beta) characters.

Can my beta character access my bank?

Yes. When created, beta characters will have access to items in your bank. This will, however, be a separate instance of your bank created at the time the character is created.

The instance of your bank that your beta character can access will contain all items that exist in the bank slots already. Removing the item from the bank will remove it for all other beta characters, but normal characters on your account will still have these items stored in the bank.

Items placed into the bank on a beta character will similarly only be added for other beta characters on your account and will not be accessible to normal characters on your account.

What about mail and the trading post?

While beta characters can send and receive mail, they will not be able to send or accept items and gold attached to messages. This includes gem store purchases, as well as items sent by other players.

Beta characters have no access to the trading post or the Gem Store. If you want to access these, you’ll need to login to another character on your account.

Where can I find more info?

Please watch the official blog for news and further information on each beta event.

You can find the post for the first beta event here: https://www.guildwars2.com/en/news/youre-invited-to-the-first-elite-specialization-beta-event/