Players May Be Unable to Enter the Queue for PvP Matches

In rare occasions, we have received reports that players can enter a state where they are unable to queue for Player versus Player matches.

While the player may not have Dishonor or a similar account action restricting access to PvP, a game bug can occasionally cause players to enter a state where the servers interpret them as still being in a previous match, despite the fact that the player may have exited the match correctly. This prevents affected users from queuing for a new match.

Our engineers are aware of this issue and investigating potential solutions, but there is currently no known way to avoid this rare problem.

For now, we ask that you submit a support ticket if you find yourself unable to queue for a match due to this issue. We will then get in touch with the server team to clear out any stuck PvP match rosters which should allow affected players to queue up once more.