Known Issues List

The following is a list of the most common bugs and issues being investigated by the developers.

If you experience a bug not on this list, please consider submitting a bug report in game or sending us a support ticket with information on the issue so we can begin working on a fix!

  • Some players are unable to change their glider skins due to the "Glider" tab in the equipment panel being locked. More information about this issue here.
  • Maguuma's Treads purchases are currently disables. More information about this issue here.
  • The "Ruler of the Skies" achievement does not progress for some players when closing a rift with the Skyscale Rift Repair mastery.
  • Swapping between build templates may unintentionally change the player's active weapon.
  • The Rune of the Revenant's PvP version does not give the proper value of stat bonuses.
  • Players may experience stalled animations or get stuck with the incorrect skills during the "The End" instance of the War Eternal story chapter.
  • Legendary accessories (Vision and Coalescence) do not properly progress the Legendary Collector achievement.
  • Players can occasionally enter a state where they are unable to queue for PvP matches. More information about this issue here.
  • The "Destroy the Risen broodmother" event in Cursed Shore can fail to spawn, preventing Rakkan from transitioning into a merchant and blocking players from collecting an item required for the Juggernaut III collection.

Last Updated: 4/21/2020