Known Issue Tracker

This page lists issues we’re currently working on or have recently fixed. If you encounter a bug that isn’t on this list, please submit an in-game bug report so we can get to work on fixing it!

This list isn’t meant to cover every single bug in the game. For the sake of keeping things concise, we’re intentionally leaving out anything that could be used as an exploit and minor issues unlikely to impact most players.

You can expect updates here at least once a week. This page was last updated on 14th August, 2017.


Notes on the Status column:

  • “Investigating” means we are aware of the issue, but haven’t yet found a fix for it.
  • “Verifying” means we think we have a fix and are testing it to make sure it works.
  • “Final Testing” means we’re pretty sure our fix will work and are doing the last phase of testing before it’s ready to roll out.  This status does not guarantee that the bug will be fixed in the next patch. If a bug fix fails final testing, we may have to push it back to a later date.
  • “NMI” means we need more information on this issue. If you’re experiencing this issue, you can help us out by clicking the link and posting in our official forums or by submitting an in-game bug report.

Recently Solved:

Description Date Solved
Story: Taimi's Game: Gate to Rata Novus can send player to the improper location, requiring the instance to be replayed to correct it 2017-08-09
Guardian: Symbol of Energy and Punishment do not grant their boons properly upon being placed 2017-08-09
Revenant: Hardened Persistence trait does not give the correct number of stacks of Facet of the Light in PvP 2017-08-09
Items: Anniversary Mail Carrier does not show up in Hero panel and cannot be equipped. 2017-08-08
Iron Marches: Killing fire elementals in the event "Defeat the fire shaman and his minions" does not progress the event, causing it to stall. 2017-08-07
Tangled Depths: "Take the young beetles on their first chak patrol" event can stall after first wave of enemies. 2017-07-31
Items: The Juggernaut does not provide visual effects for Grenade Barrage 2017-07-27
Items: Boost Enchantment Powder does not work with certain newer boosters. 2017-07-25
Guardian: Dragonhunter True Shot skill cannot damage Entangling Vines in Draconis Mons 2017-07-05
Achievements: "Time Waits for No One" achievement sometimes doesn't complete when the requirements are met 2017-07-03
Ranger: Selected pet defaults to Blue Moa, regardless of what pet was previously selected 2017-06-20
Items: Legendary Armor: Dark dyes are washed out or hard to see on Heavy Legendary Armor 2017-06-06
Ember Bay: Characters take lava damage near Mursaat Token 22. 2017-06-06
Juggernaut III: The Temple of Grenth defend event's Corruption pools don't give credit towards the "Corrupted Ooze" Collection item 2017-05-31
Draconis Mons: Items: Acquisition of the Wayfarer's Henge Backpack has been temporarily disabled due to a server crash. 2017-05-17
Engineer: Toss Elixir X skill is not affected by Alchemical Tinctures trait 2017-05-17
World vs. World: The WvW Laurel Vendor does not sell all of the amulets available at other Laurel Vendors 2017-05-17
Items: Captain's Airship Pass: using in Gendarren Fields makes all waypoints contested and many friendly NPCs killable 2017-05-17
Achievements: Envoy Armor 2 Collection: The "Tormented Heart" Collectible is shown incorrectly as "Fragments of the Mist" 2017-05-03
Items: White Mantle Scroll back piece cannot be infused. 2017-05-02
Items: Burden back item cannot be infused in the Mystic Forge. 2017-04-20
Fields of Ruin: Meta event UI sometimes does not accurately reflect the current status of the meta. 2017-04-04
Items: Seraph Stat Recipe for the Mystic Forge sometimes gives Vigilant Stat Set instead. 2017-03-28
Raids: Bastion of the Penitent: Samarog will steal player stats until they load into a new map. 2017-03-20
Fractals: Fractal Expert's Research Chest description lists "Large Mist Mobility Potion," instead of the correct loot, "Large Mist Offensive Potion" 2017-02-22
Warrior: Blaze Breaker (Torch Skill 4) gives a message stating no line of sight when players face away from enemies while casting 2017-02-22

Current issues:

Description Status
Achievements: Players are unable to unlock signature moves in Belcher's Bluff, thus blocking the achievement "You've Got the Moves" Investigating
Brisban Wildlands: "Help U.N.IT. find and destroy the Inquest" can stall. Verifying
Draconis Mons: Mercenaries can stop respawning properly for the "Keep mercenaries from charging the lava with bloodstone magic" event Investigating
Elementalist: Attunement icons shrink back to deactivated size upon exiting water Investigating
Frostgorge Sound: The event to kill the Legendary Bloodstone-Crazed Shark sometimes fails with time remaining. Investigating
Gendarran Fields: Not So Secret Jumping Puzzle: Launch pads will sometimes launch players too far. Verifying
Heart of the Mists: Large rock wall is placed over thief and warrior training NPC Investigating
Items: Mistforged Weapons do not have infusion slots Verifying
Items: You can't use the Mystic Forge to change stats on Ascended aquabreathers Investigating
Lornar's Pass: Legendary Bloodstone Crazed Arctodus is too high level for the area Investigating
PvP: Characters can get stuck under the map in the Eternal Coliseum Investigating
Ranger: The Call of the Wild skill performed by triggering the Clarion Bond trait does not consistently perform blast finishers. Verifying
Ranger: Two-Handed Training trait not reflected properly on Maul skill tooltip Verifying
Revenant: Bundles that remove Profession mechanics (F1-F5 skills) also remove a Revenant's heal, utility, and elite skills Investigating
Revenant: The Herald Specialization upkeep skills do not remain active after entering and exiting the water Investigating

This page was last updated on 14th August, 2017.


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