What is the Guild Wars 2 Wardrobe?

Wardrobe is a new transmutation system in Guild Wars 2. It replaces the system previously used for transmutations.

How do I unlock skins with the Wardrobe system?

Equipping, salvaging, or destroying a piece of gear or a skin will add the skin to your Wardrobe if you have not already unlocked it. You can also right-click the item and select “Unlock Skin” as well. This option will be greyed out and not selectable if the skin is already unlocked in your Wardrobe.

How can I change my appearance by using my Wardrobe?

You can change your appearance by opening up the Hero Panel (“H” on your keyboard by default) and selecting Wardrobe from the list that appears on the left. From here, you can modify your character’s appearance by selecting the gear that you wish to modify, then by clicking the skin that you want for your character. Please note that armor classes (Light, Medium, and Heavy) will continue to apply and armors can be worn only by characters aligned with that armor class. (For more information, see the article about armor classes and professions on the Guild Wars 2 Wiki.) Once you are satisfied with your look, you can finalize the changes by selecting “Apply” in the top right corner of the Hero Panel. A Transmutation Charge will be consumed for each piece of gear that was modified in the process.

What do I do with the Transmutation Stones, Transmutation Crystals, and Transmutation Splitters in my inventory?

You can convert your Transmutation Stones, Crystals, and Splitters into Transmutation Charges. Here is the formula:

  • 3 Transmutation Stones = 1 Transmutation Charge
  • 1 Transmutation Crystal = 1 Transmutation Charge
  • 1 Transmutation Splitter = 5 Transmutation Charges

Double-clicking an item will convert it, and the charge will be added to your currency wallet. If you have multiple items, you will need to double-click each one until they all have been converted into charges.  If you have less than three Transmutation Stones left over, feel free to delete them, as they are no longer useable. 

What happens to skins that already are on my characters/in my bank/in my inventory?

The game will detect what your character is wearing once the character has loaded into a map and will unlock those skins. You will need to unlock skins in your inventory and in your bank using one of the methods explained in the “How do I unlock skins with the Wardrobe system?” section.

What about my PvP skins?

PvP skins and PvE skins will no longer be mutually exclusive. This means that any skin that you unlocked for PvP will be available in your Wardrobe after the character wearing gear with equipped PvP skins visits the Heart of the Mists. In addition, any skins that were in your PvP Locker will be unlocked upon arriving at the Heart of the Mists.

How does Wardrobe affect my Gem Store purchases?

If any of your characters are wearing or own any piece of an armor set (such as the Profane armor set or the Magitech armor set), all of the remaining pieces will be unlocked in your Wardrobe in addition to any pieces currently on your character or in your inventory. Any newly purchased armor sets will need to be taken from the in-game delivery mail and the bundle then will need to be used in order to unlock the full armor set. Please note that skins or partials skins that you previously purchased but which you no longer possess will not be unlocked on your account. The Guild Wars 2 Support Team cannot unlock skins that fall into this category.

If I have an upgrade version of some piece of gear (i.e. Fractal Capacitor, Spinal Blades, Legendary weapons, etc.), will I have the skins of the “lesser” versions unlocked as well?

Yes. Specifically for Legendaries, the pre-cursor skin will be unlocked if a Legendary skin has been unlocked. This includes both Twilight and Sunrise for Eternity.

What happens with gear that I currently possess that is already transmuted?

The skins for both of the items used in the most recent transmutation of your gear will be unlocked in your Wardrobe in this situation. This means that you will have skins representing your most recent stats and appearance choices for each transmuted item.

What are outfits?

Outfits are sets of town clothing such as the Mad King’s outfit or the Wintersday outfit which your characters can wear over over their armor.