Character Name Changes

How do I change my character name?

Guild Wars 2 has a feature that allows you to change your character name for a cost in gems.  Visit the Black Lion Trading Company and purchase a Name Change Contract for 800 gems.

How do I use the Character Name Contract?

  • Double click the contract in the inventory of the character whose name you wish to change.
  • Enter your new chosen name. NOTE: The name you choose must conform to the Guild Wars 2 Naming Policy.
  • Click “Change Name.”

What happens to my former character name?

After a character name is changed with the Name Change Contract, the previous name remains tied to your account for 24 hours. So if you change a character name, you may use the former name for a new character on the same account within 24 hours. Alternately, you may use two separate Name Change Contracts to swap names between two characters on your account, as long as you do that within 24 hours.

Can I give my Name Change Contract to someone else?

No, the contract is account bound. It can be used on any character on the account, but cannot be given, sold, or traded to someone else.

I misspelled my name. Can I get a replacement contract?

The verification built into the name-change process should prevent such issues, but in the event you need a name change, simply purchase a new Name Change Contract and rename your character.

What happens if my new character name is censored?

Players must observe the Guild Wars 2 Naming Policy in both naming and renaming a character. If a changed name is in breach of the policy, it will be censored and you must rename the character. If a second name is in breach of the Naming Policy, further action—including account suspension and renaming by a CS Agent—may take place.

Can I change my Display Name?

The Name Change Contract applies only to the character name and does not alter the account display name in any way. At the present time, we do not offer display name changes.