Restoring Your Account After a Compromise

Can I recover my lost items or characters after my account was compromised?

Yes, we are able to revert your account to a point prior to the compromise incident as long as it meets the qualifications of the restoration process:

  • Account restoration is only for an account that was compromised by an unauthorized person. We do not restore accounts impacted by scamming, erroneous gem purchases, accidental deletions, etc.
  • Shared accounts are ineligible for restoration.
  • Accounts involved in the use of a third-party program are ineligible for restoration.


How does Support conduct a restoration?

Agents will:

  • Verify that the person requesting the restoration is the original owner of the account.
  • Review account history to verify that the account was hacked by a third party.
  • Check account “snapshots” or saved states.
  • Research other accounts involved and take action as appropriate.
  • Restore (roll back) the account, when appropriate.


How far back do you go to restore an account?

We seek a restoration date that is as close as possible to the date of a verified account compromise. The account snapshot may have been saved a few hours prior to the compromise or it may date from a period substantially prior to the event.

Can you use the Account Restoration Tool to restore a specific character or item?

No, the entire account will be restored to its previous state; all progress and acquisitions after that date will be lost.

Can I pick the date of my restoration?

No. The agent will identify the saved state or snapshot closest to the compromise incident.


Will I get everything back?

Your character, items, and wealth will be exactly as they were in the saved stage/snapshot. However, you will lose progress and items that you acquired between the time of the snapshot and the time of the compromise. For example, if you were hacked on February 10th and the most recent saved state is February 5th, the account will lose anything acquired between February 5th—the restore point—and February 10th. Restorations do not impact guild banks.

How long does it take to conduct an account restoration?

The process takes only a short time, but because the research and verification process is time-consuming, we ask that you allow several days for us to complete the restoration.

Is there a limit on account restorations?

We offer one restoration during the lifetime of a Guild Wars 2 account. To safeguard your account, please be sure you use the best security processes, as outlined in this article.


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