With changes made to the dye system in April, 2014, how are dyes allocated and distributed?

With the updates to the dye system, dyes no longer will be specific to one character on your account. This means that once you unlock a dye on one of your characters, the dye will be available for use on all of your characters.


How will I obtain dyes in the future?

With dyes becoming account unlocks, the demand for dye will decrease and unidentified dyes no longer will drop as loot but still will be available from the Mystic Forge and select in-game rewards.


With the new dye system, how will dyes be unlocked?

Each dye that one of your characters currently has unlocked will become available to every character on your account when you log in with that character. This means that if Character A has Green Dye unlocked, it will not be available to the rest of your characters until you log in with Character A. Once you do that, any character may use the dye.


What happens with dyes that I have unlocked on multiple characters?

Upon logging in with a character, the game will check to see whether each specific dye on that character’s profile has been unlocked. If the dye already has been unlocked because a different character previously unlocked that specific dye on your account, the game will determine each instance where this took place and then will send you an in-game mail with an unidentified dye for each dye that was duplicated on your account. This means if four characters have Violet Dye, one will convert into an account-wide Violet Due and any other character that had Violet Dye will be sent an unidentified dye via in-game mail once that character is logged into the game. If you do not receive the in-game mails sent to your characters to replace duplicate dyes, check to make sure that your inbox is not at 10/10 mails. If it is, delete several mails (those identified with a white envelope) to make room for the delivery mail.


What about exclusive dyes from the Gem Store?

Dyes exclusive to Dye Packs from the Gem Store will be replaced in the event they were applied to multiple characters on the same account prior to the Feature Build on April 15th. Duplicates of these dyes will be replaced via the in game mail by May 11th. In order to receive these duplicate dyes:

Log in to every character on your account after the Feature Build goes live on April 15th and before 12:01 AM on May 6th (PDT).

All requests for refunds must be submitted prior to July 15, 2014.


We will not be able to process any refund requests via Customer Support tickets before May 12th. If you expected to receive dyes and do not receive them by May 12th, feel free to create a Customer Support ticket at that time. The dyes eligible for refund are:

Acid Acrid Algae
Amenity Blacklight Caustic
Charred Cinders Cobolt
Cyanide Deep Glacial Sky Deep Glacial Teal
Enameled Crimson Enameled Emblaze Enameled Legacy
Enameled Reign Enameled Sky Flame
Flare Fling Glacial Sky
Glacial Teal Limonite Molten
Onset Perserverance Prosperity
Pyre Recall Shiver Sky
Swampblack Toxin Vincent


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