Wealth Transfer Restrictions (Mail/Guild Bank)

Wealth Transfer Restrictions (Mail/Guild Bank)

As part of an effort to address fraud and account theft, we’ve implemented a few restrictions on the transfer of wealth between accounts. These limits are designed to prevent rapid and abusive transfers of wealth that may be part of account takeovers, fraud, and real money trading (also called RMT or gold selling). Generally, they shouldn’t affect the normal transfer of gold or items between players. However, if you’re trying to transfer a large amount of gold or are trying to send gold or items from a new account, you may run in to these limits.

I’m on a new account and I can’t mail gold or items to my friends!

Brand new accounts are temporarily prevented from using the mail to send gold or items. If your account is new, you may see lock icons and the following message in the mail panel:

Attaching items and coins to in-game mail is restricted for new accounts. As you continue to play, this restriction will be lifted.

The restriction ends automatically on its own. You can still receive gold and items through the mail normally.

My account isn’t new, so why am I getting messages about not being able to take gold from my mail or guild bank?

Beginning on March 31, 2015, there will be a limit on how much gold a single player can receive through in-game mail and/or the Guild Vault each week.

Full details about the system:

  1. Each account will have a limit on how much gold can be moved from its mail in-box and Guild Vault into its wallet each week.
  2. If you receive more gold through in-game mail than you can accept in a week, the gold will remain attached to the mail in your in-box and can be retrieved up to the limit the following week or in subsequent weeks.
  3. For the purposes of this limit, a week begins at 12:01 AM UTC each Sunday (5:01 PM PDT/4:01 PM PST Saturday).
  4. Gold received from the Trading Post is not subject to this limit.
  5. The maximum amount of gold that can be sent via a single in-game mail will be 500 gold.
  6. The maximum total amount of gold that an individual player account can accept in a week will be 500 gold.    
  7. We will monitor this system and may make changes to the limits if we find that changes are necessary.

What happens to gold I’m not able to collect from my mail?

Gold you’re not able to collect will remain in your mail until you’re able to collect it – nothing will be lost. You can still choose to use the “Return to sender” button if you want to return what’s left over to the player who sent it.

Will these restrictions stop me from getting the money I earn on the Black Lion Trading Post?

No, these restrictions only apply to in-game mail and guild vaults.