Map Meta Rewards, Map Bonuses, and Participation

What’s the difference between Map Meta Rewards and Map Bonuses?

There are a few differences between the two systems. See the table below for a comparison.



Meta Rewards


Which maps have them?

For now, only maps in the Heart of Maguuma use this system.

All open world maps except starting areas and cities

What do I need to do to earn rewards?

Help advance map-wide goals, such as by capturing objectives and completing events. You can mouse over the mini-map to see a gauge of your participation (from 0-200%). The more you participate, the better your rewards!

Complete events, jumping puzzles, and mini-dungeons. This blog post has some good information on how the system works.

What kind of notification will I get if I earn a reward?

You’ll see a bouncy chest whenever you get credit for completing tiers of the Meta Event. Because Meta Events span an entire map, you may see a chest pop up a few minutes after the event you were doing finishes as other groups of players complete their events.

Bonus rewards go straight into your inventory or wallet. You’ll see them on the right hand side of your screen, just like any other loot, but there is no special notification. If the event you complete normally has a bouncy chest (such as for a world boss), your Bonus rewards will go into that chest instead of directly into your inventory.

How do I know what kind of reward I’ll get?

You can mouse over the mini-map to see a gauge of the Meta Event’s progress. Mousing over this bar gives a summary of the rewards you’ll earn at the next tier of the Meta Event.

There’s an option in your map filters to display the next available Bonus reward for maps. As you complete more objectives, you’ll get better rewards.

I didn’t get a pop-up telling me I earned Bonus Rewards, but I’ve been playing in this map for hours! Why didn’t I get Bonus Rewards?

Because Bonus Rewards go straight into your inventory, there’s no need to click away pop-ups or open bouncy chests in the corner of your screen. Your Bonus Rewards will go straight into your bags and can be deposited from there if they can go into Materials storage. Events that already give bouncy chests (such as world bosses) will have your Bonus Rewards added to their chests.

Why did my participation percentage go down?

Participation credit is awarded on a scale from 0-200%. By actively participating in advancing a map’s Meta Event, you earn participation credit. If you stop participating, your participation percentage will slowly decrease. If you leave the map you were on, you will also lose the credit you’ve earned if you don't come back within a few minutes.

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