Guild Wars 2 Birthday Gifts

  • Each gift is given on the birthday of the character, not the account.
  • Birthday gifts appear in the in-game mailbox with The Guild Wars 2 Team as the sender.
  • Your in-game mailbox has a limit of 10 distribution mails, including those sent by other players, by the Black Lion Trading Company, or by the Guild Wars 2 Team. If you delete some of your distribution mails (those with an envelope graphic) to reduce the number in your mailbox, other mails that are queued up for you will drop into your mailbox.
  • If you are online when your character would receive a gift, you may need to change maps to receive your gift.
  • Birthday gifts are soulbound, but the items inside are account bound and can be moved to—and used by—any character on the same account.
  • One of the items within the birthday gift raises your character level, so use the item wisely.
  • Buffs, once activated, are per character, not per account.
  • We experienced an issue that affected the distribution of some birthday gifts. Some gifts may arrive a few days after the character’s actual birthday.
  • The replacement distribution may have given some players a second birthday gift. Using that gift is perfectly ok, and would not be considered an exploit.
  • We are not able to give second birthday gifts upon request.

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